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October 22nd, 2006 SHIMMER Wrestling Results

October 24, 2006: Veteran G.L.O.R.Y. fan Razorback Rick files this report on Sunday's, (October 22nd) SHIMMER wrestling event in Berwyn, IL. Rick reports on the action of each match and brings us some of his ringside photos. (Note: Hover over each thumbnail for a description of the action. Click to see the full-sized pictures.)

Canadian Stars Add Spice to Already Impressive Line Up

Nattie Neidhart's chinlock/sleeper has Ariel suffering to the max!

The women of SHIMMER brought the house down again with another marathon show before a crowd of more than 200 at the Eagles Hall in Berwyn, Ill.

Joining the roster for the first time were Canadian stars LuFisto, the first lady of hardcore, and Nattie Neidhart, the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. Both women made strong impressions in an event that ran more than six hours and will generate two DVDs in the SHIMMER series.

Meanwhile, one of the most vicious feuds in SHIMMER history came to an end while another bitter rivalry only intensified in a brutal, vicious brawl that left both combatants flat on the mat with exhaustion.

In the first bout, fast-improving Tiana Ringer rang up a win over the popular country girl, Lorelei Lee, with a pin out of a power slam.

Next up, Cindy Rogers locked up with Ariel, the Portugese Princess, in a fight that started as a technical exhibition but quickly turned into a rough and ready rumble. Both women traded punches and power moves but it was Ariel who emerged victorious after she delivered a jaw-shattering stunner to take out Rogers, the self-proclaimed "definition of technician." Rogers, who has been vocal about her desire to rise in the SHIMMER ranks, took the loss hard and refused to shake hands at the end of the match.

A team of attractive youngsters, Serena Deeb and Portia Perez, took on the tough, experienced combo of Malia Hosaka and Lexie Fyfe, who call themselves "The Experience." The veterans were in a foul mood already, but when the ring announcer accidentally added 100 pounds to their combined weight, they took out their fury on their opponents. Portia Perez took much of the punishment as the villainesses used their years of mat experience to keep her isolated and trapped in their corner. Deeb made her time in the ring count as she chased both Hosaka and Fyfe, but when Perez tagged back in, she fell victim to a double face-buster at the 10-minute mark.

Rain locked up with MsChif in a very, very rough match that saw both women administering hard-edged chops that reverberated throughout the hall. MsChif was beginning to edge Rain when she was distracted by the appearance at ringside of her nemesis, Cheerleader Melissa. While she was eye-balling Melissa, Rain came to ringside and passed a foreign object to Rain, who used it to hammer MsChif. Unfortunately for Rain, the ref saw her using the object and she was disqualified.

A classic blonde vs. brunette battle was next up as glamorous Amber O'Neal took on the sultry Allison Danger. The match began with a lightning-fast exchange of holds and counterholds, but the always devious O'Neal quickly took the low road. An infuriated Danger punched O'Neal from one side of the ring to the other, rocking the blonde with blow after blow. "You are dead!" O'Neal screamed and she began working Danger's left leg, stomping and stretching it repeatedly. But Danger battled back and delivered a dizzying series of suplexes that left O'Neal disheveled and disoriented. Danger notched the win when she clamped on a modified figure-four leglock and O'Neal tapped out at the 12-minute mark.

Seeking more respect and better bouts in SHIMMER, Nikki Roxx had issued an open challenge to the other women. It was Lacey, one half of the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, to agreed to take on the lanky wrestler from Boston. As usual, Lacey was a vocal opponent, mocking Roxx and the fans throughout the bout. But there was no denying the technical excellence both women demonstrated, though the moves and countermoves were balanced by plenty of brawling, too. After each woman came very, very close to a pin, it was Roxx who earned the victory with a modified atomic drop that took the starch out of Lacey.

LuFisto made her SHIMMER debut against one of the most impressive women working the indy circuit, Mercedes Martinez. The Canadian star, who has earned a reputation as the first lady of hardcore, found herself facing another tough, powerful woman capable of administering and taking tremendous amounts of punishment. Neither woman would back down an inch and the slaps and chops sounded like gunfire as they pushed each other to the physical limit. Finally, Martinez trapped LuFisto in the corner and delivered a power slam that stunned the Canadian enough for the pin.

Fellow Canadian Nattie Neidhart faced an equally vexing challenge when she squared off with the powerful Sara del Rey. Both women demonstrated an enormous repertoire of technical moves and both women showed they were also capable of brawling toe-to-toe. Like her famous father, Neidhart was quick to take a shortcut and she took tremendous delight in working del Rey's legs. But del Rey has been hardened by years in the Lucha Libre rings of Mexico, so she was able to fend off her rival despite a series of high-impact moves. A suplex finally sealed the win for del Rey, but the bout could've gone either way.

The main event matching the petite Daizee Haze with the powerful Cheerleader Melissa did not disappoint. Melissa was angry at what she took as Haze's mockery, when the hippie chick did an impromptu dance number, and turned her anger into a devastating attack on the hippie chick. Haze gave as good as she got, fending off Melissa at every turn and battering her with a hurricane that saw Melissa abandoning the ring. Haze followed the cheerleader to the floor, which was a critical mistake. Melissa hoisted Haze up into a modified fireman's carry, then swung the blonde back and forth, smashing Haze's head into the steel guardrails again and again. She dumped Haze over the top of a barricade like some old laundry as the crowd gasped in amazement. Back in the ring, Melissa continued to stomp and smash away at Haze, but the blonde battled back for the win at the 22-minute mark. As the bell rang, Lacey and Rain scampered into the ring and began attacking Melissa. They stomped the brunette at will until Melissa was rescued by the most unlikely wrestler of the night - MsChif. These two have practically killed each other in the previous SHIMMER shows, but on this night, they united in their opposition to a common foe.

After a brief intermission, the show continued with a brief but clean bout matching Lorelei Lee against Sara del Rey. Lee handled herself admirably against a larger opponent, but she couldn't overcome the size and strength advantage and was pinned in five minutes.

Cindy Rogers locked up with Serena Deeb in the next bout and showed a different side than SHIMMER fans have seen. When Deeb matched Rogers move for move, Rogers turned dirty and really went after her foe, especially after Deeb missed a knee drop and hurt her left knee. Rogers worked the knee continuously and took the win when she clamped on her TCB submission hold, forcing Deeb to tap out at the 8-minute mark.

Allison Danger has LuFisto cornered as she stomps away at the Canadian's body.

LuFisto matched up with Allison Danger for a rough and thrilling battle that saw both ladies using everything in their considerable arsenals from the ropes to the hair. LuFisto was looking to avenge her opening loss and eventually wore Danger down, capturing the win at 14-minutes with a modified camel clutch.

With a victory over Lacey already under her belt, Nikki Roxx was looking to make it two wins when she faced Malia Hosaka. Hosaka battered Roxx, going hard after her elbow and knee joints with kicks, punches and elbows. But when Hosaka used a farmer's roll to tumble Roxx around the ring, it backfired and Roxx wound up in total control. After a brief comeback, Roxx notched her second victory when she rolled up an overanxious Hosaka for the pin.

Poor Lorelei Lee wasn't so lucky with Lexie Fyfe, who abused the country girl with one cheating move after another. Whenever Lee had anything going, Fyfe would rake the eyes, choke or low blow. She flung Lee from corner to corner with savage hair mares, then planted the perky country girl with a power slam followed by a pin.

Josie took on Amber O'Neal in a fast-moving, hard-hitting fight that lasted more than 10 minutes. Josie demonstrated a great depth of technical knowledge as she flung O'Neal around and the blonde countered with some expertise of her own, though she spiced her moves with plenty of cheating and cheap shots. It appeared Josie would eke out the win, but it was O'Neal who got the 'V' after she delivered a devastating slam that laid Josie out.

Nattie Neidhart returned for a bout with Ariel that thrilled the fans with its quick pace and stunning maneuvers and a few moments of laugh out loud fun, including a leap by Neidhart into the arms of the referee when Ariel came on too strong. Showing she is her father's daughter, Neidhart kept up a running commentary with the ref and the fans as she traded power moves and punches with Ariel. When Neidhart cinched up the sharpshooter, it was all over for the Portugese Princess.

After all the punishment she'd received in her brawl with Cheerleader Melissa, Daizee Haze figured to have a tough time against the dangerous and beautiful Tiana Ringer. Ringer showed impressive strength and a mastery of holds and she knew her opponent was coming off a very rough match. Ringer took it hard to Haze, working her back and ribs in a very rough, very physical brawl, but the hippie chic stunned Ringer with a kick to the head and hooked the leg for the pin at about 14 minutes.

The next match featured the team of the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew of Lacey and Rain versus the unusual pairing of Cheerleader Melissa and Ms.Chif, who've fought a lengthy, brutal and bloody battle since the formation of SHIMMER. Could these two enemies unite in common cause against the villainous Lacey and Rain? The crowd was stunned when Melissa and MsChif walked out, dressed in nearly identical black and green outfits, complete with dangling chains and leather. If Lacey and Rain were worried, they didn't show it. They utilized quick tags to isolate MsChif, who found herself in the wrong corner for a very long time. Lacey and Rain used her waist-length black and green hair to control MsChif while Melissa kept trying unsuccessfully to intervene. When MsChif finally battled her way to her own corner and tagged Melissa, the referee didn't see the tag and MsChif was dragged away to absorb still more punishment. Melissa eventually entered the ring and delivered devastating punishment to Lacey and then Rain, but when MsChif reentered the ring, she was again targeted for destruction. Lacey took the pin after she and Rain double-teamed MsChif and delivered a series of ring-shaking slams. Fans were wary of what would happen in the aftermath, as Lacey and Rain celebrated all the way to the back of the hall, but MsChif and Melissa shook hands and left together.

The main event matched two feuding powerhouses in Mercedes Martinez and Sara del Rey, who blamed each other for a tag team loss to Lacey and Rain at the last SHIMMER event. Both ladies were out for blood and revenge and they didn't disappoint. Martinez attacked del Rey before she even climbed into the ring, hurling her again and again into the metal guardrails. Like two angry, hungry lionesses, these two worked each other over from top to bottom with no quarter asked or given. Again, they tumbled out of the ring and the barricades were again used to bruise ribs, backs and foreheads. Back in the ring, Martinez draped del Rey's arms over the top rope and worked her head like a speed bag as del Rey's sweat-soaked hair flew this way and that. Finally, after 20 minutes of intense action, a side slam allowed Martinez to get the pin, though neither woman was able to stand for several minutes.

Fans gave both ladies a standing ovation and left hungry for more.

Reporting and photos: Razorback Rick

More pictures of Sunday's SHIMMER action below...

Amber O'Neal cinches up a leg lock on Allison Danger.Nattie Neidhart uses a handful of hair to steady Sara del Rey for a punch to the head during their rugged singles match, which was won by del Rey.Ring-a-ding Ringer! Tiana Ringer treats Daizee Haze like a rag doll in a hard-fought singles bout. The two battered each other from ringpost to ringpost in an extremely physical fight won by Haze.Who's the winner? It's impossible to tell from this picture as both Mercedes Martinez (left) and Sara del Rey lie motionless on the mat after an epic brawl notable for its savage brutality. Martinez eked out the win after more than 20 minutes of bone-jarring action, but the near capacity crowd gave both women a standing ovation.Lacey looks positively demonic as she pulls back on the arms of MsChif while jamming her knee into her opponent's spine. Rain is mouthing off to the fans in the background. Lacey and Rain defeated MsChif and Cheerleader Melissa in a 15-minute tag match.Lacey looks positively demonic as she pulls back on the arms of MsChif while jamming her knee into her opponent's spine. Rain is mouthing off to the fans in the background. Lacey and Rain defeated MsChif and Cheerleader Melissa in a 15-minute tag match.Lacey looks positively demonic as she pulls back on the arms of MsChif while jamming her knee into her opponent's spine. Rain is mouthing off to the fans in the background. Lacey and Rain defeated MsChif and Cheerleader Melissa in a 15-minute tag match.MsChif uses an intricate bridge to torture Rain during their singles bout.Lacey tries to take the curl out of Nikki Roxx's hair during their bout, but Roxx came back to take the pin.Exhausted and soaked with sweat, Daizee Haze shows frustration as Cheerleader Melissa forces a break by reaching the ropes.If looks could kill, the ref would be dead meat as Lexie Fyfe fixes him with an evil eye when she's told to stop abusing Lorelei Lee.Josie lays some knuckles into the pretty face of Amber O'Neal during an intense SHIMMER match on Sunday night.

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