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G.L.O.R.Y. Convention 2002
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Allison Danger slams a knee into the stomach of Alicia. Although it was Alicia's very first singles match ever, Danger held back nothing in her attempt to punish the rookie.

Tiffani Monroe grimaces in pain from a tight, skull-crushing side headlock.

Simply Luscious looks awesome in her revealing white outfit while addressing the fans.

Lady Vendetta prepares to send Sonya Blackhawk flying with a hiptoss off the ropes.

Lady Vendetta shows the fans just how brutal she can be as she works Sonya Blackhawk on the ropes.

Incensed that she didn't do better in her arm wrestling contest against Valentina, Luxurious Lynne sneak-attacked her fellow G.L.O.R.Y. Girl.

Kiley McLean gives the ring announcer, the crowd, and The WebMaster a piece of her mind!

Alicia is about to be pulled up off the mat by IWF Heavyweight Champion Roman during her intergender tag team challenge match which also involved Allison Danger and Damien Adams.

Damien Adams whips Allison towards the corner turnbuckles...and it doesn't look like Ms. Danger likes where she's heading.

Lady Vendetta was in a foul mood during the three-way battle for the G.L.O.R.Y. title. Her aggressiveness is apparent here as she throttles Ariel over the bottom ring rope!

Allison Danger's screams fill the ring as Alicia wrenches her back with a modified, but very effective, camel-clutch.

Phoenix takes advantage of the situation as she traps Ariel in the corner and drives a shoulder block into the belly of her defenseless opponent.

Ariel recoils in agony from a vicious, stinging blow that Phoenix lands across her chest.

Note: Although they are not video captures, the pictures you see above were snapped by ringside photographers as the action happened during the matches that you will see on this video.
Starting with just a handful of girls--and even less site visitors!--G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling made it's Web debut in June 2000 with the purpose of bringing fans the best female talent on the indy wrestling scene. At about the same time that the site reached it's second anniversary, G.L.O.R.Y. sponsored its very first show...a convention held at New Jersey's IWF Centre that brought together nearly one-quarter of the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls featured on the site, indy wrestlers from all over the Northeast, and (of course) the fans of the G.L.O.R.Y. ladies. After meeting the girls, chatting and getting autographs, the fans in attendance were treated to a full card of wrestling to determine who would be the very first G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Champion!

G.L.O.R.Y. Convention 2002 brings you this entire event. From the convention floor where the fans get to meet their favorite girls, to the pre-match interviews of many of the ladies, through the tournament to determine who the first G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling Champion would be...this tape is a must for those fans who couldn't be there in person.

You'll see...

Pre-Match Interviews: While the ladies sign autographs and meet fans on the convention floor, our ring announcer Kevin Kage interviews many of the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls to get their impression of the event and the upcoming matches. Kage speaks with Susanna, Luxurious Lynne, Valentina, Destiny Star, Flayre and others at ringside.

After the interviews, it's on to the tournament! The format which would determine our champ was simple: The winners of four matches would meet in a final "Fatal Four Way" match...the winner of which would take home the title as G.L.O.R.Y. Champion. That was how it was supposed to work out, but it didn't quite go down that way...

Match 1) Alicia vs. Allison Danger: Allison Danger, dressed in very "Lita-ish" red and black mesh gear and accompanied to the ring by IWF Heavyweight Champion Roman, kicks-off the tournament as she enters with an attitude that the crowd immediately takes a disliking to. Perhaps it's because her opponent is IWF hometown favorite Alicia, wrestling in her very first singles match! Alicia makes a good showing for herself battling the more experienced Danger. Allison finds herself in trouble early as she's hoisted off her feet and bodyslammed to the mat. It doesn't take Danger long to resort to some underhanded tactics: hairpulling, stomps...even a low-kick that collapses the rookie wrestler in the corner. The pig-tailed brunette gets so desperate for the win that she resorts to distracting the referee so that her sidekick Roman can assist her in working over poor Alicia. Before long, the rookie finds herself outside the ring being pummelled by the devious duo. Luckily, IWF star Damien Adams--working security at the show--sees enough and charges the ring to save Alicia. Seeing enough chaos, the Referee BPA Barry decides to disqualify both girls from the tournament...but that doesn't prevent Adams and Alicia from challenging Roman and Danger to an intergender tag match later that day!

Match 2) Ariel vs. Phoenix: The wrestler that everyone loves to hate, "The Fabulous Firebird" Phoenix, makes her entrance next. Of course, Phoenix can't just climb into the ring and wait for the bell to ring. She has to grab the mic and brag about her accomplishments for the crowd. It doesn't play very well with the spectators. On the other hand, the fans take an immediate liking to the girl who many call "The Sweetheart Of G.L.O.R.Y."...Ariel. The brunette ball of energy, dressed in shimmering white pants and a matching half-top, grabs the mic and has a simple message for Phoenix: "Stop talking and let's wrestle!" And wrestle they do! Ariel starts off strong with some nice drop kicks and a high-flying head scissors. But Phoenix evens things up with a combination of power moves (sidewalk slams, suplexes, bodyslams) and outright rulebreaking (dragging Ariel's eyes across the top rope, blatant choking). Phoenix throws everything she's got at her young opponent, yet Ariel stands up to the assault. At one point, The Firebird locks Ariel's arms over the top corner ropes and nails her with some hard spears to her bare belly, then smashes some hard, vicious slaps to the chest of the stunned G.L.O.R.Y. Girl. But if Phoenix thought this match would be a cakewalk, she thought wrong as Ariel comes back with a series of near pins to almost pull off the upset! In the end, Phoenix's experience makes the difference and she chalks-up the win against the plucky youngster. While The Firebird comes away with the win to advance in the tournament, it's Ariel who wins the respect and admiration of the fans.

Simply Luscious makes a brief appearance in the ring next, as she has a few words with our ring announcer Kevin Kage. Luscious' hotter than hot outfit reveals a body that looks as though it's been through many hours in the gym. Perhaps Luscious is preparing for the next G.L.O.R.Y. event?

Match 3) Little Jeanne vs. Tiffani Monroe: Next up is Ms. Tiffani Monroe...and she immediately takes the mic to let everyone know just who she is and just how much she thinks of herself. The crowd doesn't buy it. But they do respond to her opponent, the ever-popular Little Jeanne. Monroe tries to intimidate Jeanne as the match opens...but the ring veteran is unfazed by the psychological tactics of the Nevada Cowgirl. We wish we could tell you that this match is a scientific contest...but it isn't. Instead, it's more of a brawl as each lady throws punches, chops and knees into her opponent. When the bell rings, it's Tiffani Monroe whose shoulders are pinned to the mat.

Match 4) Lady Vendetta vs. Sonya Blackhawk: Lady Vendetta is announced as the next contestant vying for the G.L.O.R.Y. Championship, but the crowd is cool to the platinum blonde grappler. Vendetta looks to be in a foul mood as she walks to the ring in her black pants and short, black and white, skull emblazoned top. In contrast, her opponent Sonya Blackhawk enters to a great cheer as the crowd immediately takes to the newcomer. Sonya starts off strong with a clothesline that almost takes off the blond's head...but it isn't long before Vendetta is in control. And why shouldn't she be after clubbing a fist to the back of Blackhawk's head, yanking her off the mat by her fiery red hair repeatedly, and crushing her with a nasty leg drop across the throat? The onslaught is too much for the rookie as Lady Vendetta uses her patented bodyslam/splash combination to capture the victory...but it's young Ms. Blackhawk who wins the fans' hearts!

Match 5) Special Arm Wrestling Challenge: Valentina vs. Luxurious Lynne: Next up: A special match requested by "The Luxurious One" herself. Telling us that she didn't want to "dirty herself up by rolling around on that filthy wrestling mat", Lynne was set to meet Candi in a special manager vs. manager arm wrestling match. When she learns that Candi can't make the event, Lynne insists that she should win by default. That's when special referee for this match--the infamous Evil Zebra--informs Lynne that Valentina is taking Candi's spot. When the two G.L.O.R.Y. Girls finally sit down to arm wrestle...well, you just have to see it to believe what happens. Even the Evil Zebra can't believe how this one turns out as he simply gives up trying to control things and just sits back to watch the action with the rest of the fans!

Match 6) G.L.O.R.Y. Championship Match: Ariel vs. Lady Vendetta vs. Phoenix: After Phoenix and Lady Vendetta are re-introduced to the fans, Little Jeanne comes to the ring to make an announcement: The ring vet states that she was so impressed with Ariel's earlier performance, that she believes Ariel to be a leader in "the next generation of women's wrestling". The announcement doesn't sit well with The Fabulous Firebird! This match is a wild one, with Ariel once again taking much of the punishment as she becomes a target of a hastily-formed alliance of her blonde opponents. Ariel is tossed back and forth between the two. First Phoenix rattles her with chokes and slams, then Vendetta strangles the weakened girl over the bottom rope while The Firebird distracts the referee. At one point, Ariel suffers in a nasty camel clutch applied by one opponent, while the other girl clamps on an excruciating ankle lock. You all know that Phoenix ended-up as our first G.L.O.R.Y. Champion, but you'll have to see just how she got that victory. After the match, the presentation of the G.L.O.R.Y. Championship Trophy turns into a fiasco as Phoenix refuses to pose for press shots and, instead, wrenches the trophy out of the hands of The WebMaster and refuses to release it from her grip!

Kiley McLean comes to the ring and gives the fans and ring announcer Kevin Kage a piece of her mind. The powerful, leather-clad grappler is obviously upset that she wasn't invited to wrestle in the G.L.O.R.Y. Championship Tournament...and poor Kage becomes the target of much of her verbal assault!

Match 7: Alicia & Damien Adams vs. Allison Danger & Roman: Special guest referee, IWF's Kevin Knight, calls for the bell...but not until he publicly insults Roman and Allison Danger (you have to see Allison's face when she hears what he says about her!). It's no mystery who Knight wants to see win this match. Unlike most mixed-matches, this one is NOT woman vs. woman and man only. No one is forced to tag in or out...which makes for some very one-sided action in this battle! The guys start it off with Roman getting the better of Damien Adams. When Danger is tagged-in by her teammate, you'd think it would be a welcome break for the hurt Adams. But it most definitely is not as Allison's first move is to lift her boot and stomp a low blow between the legs of Alicia's now-suffering partner. "Vicious" is the word for Danger in this match as she grinds her boot into the throat of her male opponent, before landing a few chops into him. Eventually, Adams gets a break and is able to tag in his partner. Alicia comes in strong, but it doesn't take long for the combination of Allison and Roman to overpower the young wrestler...especially when they trap her in their own corner and stomp her down to the mat. Alicia gets pounded by the IWF Heavyweight Champ (who, by they way, is easily double her weight) with a snapmare and elbow smash, but she bravely fights back and is able to kick out of his pin attempts. In fact, at one point, Alicia even comes close to rolling the champ up for the pin and the match! Soon, havoc ensues as all four wrestlers find themselves in the ring. While Adams and Roman battle outside on the floor, Alicia and Allison fight it out in the ring. Allison gains the advantage and decides to climb the corner ropes for a squash move on her opponent...and it isn't long after when one of these G.L.O.R.Y. Girls is on the mat and hurting, unable to prevent the ref's 1-2-3!

G.L.O.R.Y. Convention 2002: Our very first event, bringing together the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls with their fans and showcasing these athletes in action. For the fans lucky enough to be there in person, it was a show that they'll always remember.

We're certain that one or more of these ladies will soon be coming to your television set on a Monday or Thursday night. But why wait until then? Purchase your very own copy of G.L.O.R.Y. Convention 2002 and see these ladies in the ring whenever you'd like!

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Note: Please remember that this is a tape of an indy event. While it is of very good quality by indy standards (and the action is all-out!) should NOT be compared to the technical standards of a WWE-type tape. You won't find fireworks, special effects or high-tech enhancements here. But if you are looking for honestly exciting, action-packed, full-length matches showing the G.L.O.R.Y. Girls doing what they do best--wrestling and entertaining their fans--you won't be disappointed.

All Matches and Interviews: Taped with a manned, tripod-mounted camera to capture all the action in and out of the ring, as well as entrances, interviews, promos, etc. Convention/Interviews portion of tape: approximately 20 minutes. Show portion: approximately 74 minutes.

"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional." -- Roger Crawford

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