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Best Of Lady Victoria
"The Mixed Matches"

47 minutes / 4 matches / VHS / $24.95 + Shipping & Handling

Lady Victoria is one of the sexiest...and most powerful...women in the wrstling business.

As Lady Victoria suffers on the ropes, Raza readies further punihsment for the blonde powerhouse.

Raza sends Lady Victoria face-first into the corner turnbuckle.

Victoria is about to come down for a hard landing thanks to this Raza suplex.

Victoria easily lifts and bodyslams Johnny Rayz to the mat.

Lady V. takes to the air and nails Rayz with a big dropkick.

Note: The action pictures above are screen captures from this video. Please be aware that screen captures are of lesser quality than what you will actually see on your television screen.
One of the most-powerful women on the wrestling scene today, Lady Victoria has no problem stepping into the ring to take on any and all male you'll see in this action-filled video. The muscular Lady V. is the only female in the ring during four intense matches: two tags and two one-on-one match-ups. The final battle is a rare and unusual "Husband vs. Wife" match as Victoria gets into an all-out brawl with husband Johnny Rayz!

Best Of Lady Victoria "The Mixed Matches": See why Lady Victoria is considered one of the most-powerful and skilled wrestlers--male or female--on the wrestling scene today!

You'll see...

Match 1) Lady Victoria & Johnny Rayz vs. Ray Steel & Sean Casey: Victoria looks impressive in her red leather, two-piece outfit as she teams with husband Johnny Rayz to take on the nasty (and sometimes totally incompetent) Steel and Casey. Victoria is in the ring for most of this match as her opponents tag-off often and isolate her from her partner. And these guys don't take it easy on their female opponent. Stomps, forearms, bodyslams and double-teams come at Victoria early and often. Can Victoria withstand the onslaught?

Match 2) Lady Victoria vs. Raza: Lady V. takes on tough Raza...a young man who is just as muscular and strong as our powerful G.L.O.R.Y. Girl. Put aside any thoughts of this guy taking it easy on his opponent "because she's a girl". If anything, Raza goes out of his way to punish the fan favorite. Hard bodyslams. Smashes into the turnbuckle. Chokes. Stomps. Raza even grabs two handfuls of Victoria's hair and drags the screaming warrior around the ring! Looking for a great pro mixed match between two good-looking, muscular opponents? This may be one of the best you'll ever see.

Match 3) Lady Victoria & Johnny Rayz vs. Susido Joe & Raza: Victoria and Rayz team-up once again...this time taking on Susido Joe and Raza. The crowd is behind Victoria and Johnny all the way in this one, but it only drives their opponents to be even more nasty in their attack. Once again, the heels figure that the way to win this match is to isolate Victoria from her partner. The strategy works and Victoria takes a beating while Rayz watches for much of the match. Raza again seems to take particular pleasure in working over one point stomping her down in his corner. Does their strategy bring them the win? Victoria is in her black leather, two-piece wrestling gear in this one...and she looks incredible!

Match 4) Lady Victoria vs. Johnny Rayz: You read it right. Lady Victoria takes on Johnny an unusual match pitting husband against wife! Normally paired together as a tag-team, Rayz and Victoria let it all hang out as they are opponents rather than partners in this match. Big, beefy and muscular, Rayz is just as powerful as his G.L.O.R.Y. Girl wife...and he uses that strength to his advantage. Victoria finds herself bodyslammed and splattered onto the mat often. When his attempts to overpower Victoria fail, Rayz resorts to outright cheating. He chokes her on the ropes, rakes her eyes and even stomps her down to the mat. But Victoria doesn't take it lying down and comes back with her own powerful dropkicks, forearm smashes and high-flying headscissors. Wouldn't a visit to a marriage counselor have been easier on both of their bodies?!

Lady Victoria fan? Intergender match enthusiast? Admirer of the powerful, muscular ladies of the ring? This tape is for you. If you think this is one of those mixed match tapes where the guys are afraid to land a punch and "lay down" for their female opponent: THINK AGAIN. Lots of action for Lady Victoria in all of these matches as she dishes-out and absorbs some amazing punishment. Best Of Lady Victoria "The Mixed Matches" is yours for only...

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Note: Please remember that this is a tape of matches held at various indy events. While it is of very good quality by indy standards (and the action is great!) should NOT be compared to the technical standards of a WWE-type tape. While this tape is digitally edited with titles before each match, you won't find pyrotechnics, special effects or high-tech enhancements here. But if you are looking for exciting, action-packed, full-length, intense won't be disappointed.

Match 1: Elevated fixed camera shooting entire ring from approximately 20'. Match 2: Ringside camera following action from third or fourth row. Match 3: Fixed camera approximately 12-15' away. Match 4: Outdoor match before a large crowd. Close-up camera work follows the action from slightly above ring level.