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Best Of Macaela Mercedes - Volume 1
43 minutes / 5 matches / VHS / $19.95 + Shipping & Handling

Macaela Mercedes looking pretty as she sits atop the corner turnbuckle.

Mercedes doesn't like what's about to happen...a hard landing on the mat courtesy of The Diva.

The Diva uses a handful of Mercedes long, curly hair to yank the G.L.O.R.Y. Girl up for more punishment.

Tiny Tim is out of control as he chokes Mercedes on the ropes.

Lady Victoria delights as she tries to crack Mercedes head like a walnut.

Mercedes is about to come crashing down across the body of Lexie Fyfe.

Note: The pictures above are NOT screen captures from this video. The photos are here simply to acquaint you with Mercedes and some of her opponents.
Macaela Mercedes--also known as "The Bombshell"--exploded onto the women's indy scene in 2000. This exciting lady can fly-high, mat wrestle or even brawl (if the situation calls for it!). One night, Mercedes can be the target of admiring screams from young, female fans as she follows the rules to battle a dreaded opponent...while the next night, the boos of the crowd fill the arena as she throws out every rule in the book to batter an opponent for the sake of a victory. The Bombshell can hold her own against the toughest women in the sport, and also give many male wrestlers a run for their money. In short, Macaela Mercedes can pretty much do it all as you'll see in this fantastic video.

The Best Of Macaela Mercedes -- Volume 1 features a variety of matches covering the period of November 2001 through July 2002. Singles competition, tag and mixed matches are all represented here as Mercedes shows why people are calling her one of the breakout indy stars of 2002!

You'll see...

Match 1) Macaela Mercedes vs. Lexie Fyfe: The Bombshell takes on Lexie Fyfe in a wild singles match from January 2002. The young girls scream their support for their hero as she enters the ring area dressed in her shimmering, pink, two-piece outfit. It's obvious early on that Fyfe--dressed in a black two-piece outfit and accompanied to the ring by The Diva and Tiny Tim (two of Macaela's worst enemies)--is in a foul mood. She wastes no time in taking her frustrations out on Mercedes. The Bombshell suffers big time in this match as Lexie shows no mercy. At the end, the cameraman captures a closeup look at the face of the hurting Macaela...but was Ms. Fyfe nasty enough to put her opponent's shoulders to the mat for the 1-2-3?

Match 2) Macaela Mercedes & Nick Rivers vs. The Diva & Tiny Tim: Mixed tag-team action from November 2001. Macaela takes on two of her most-hated enemies with the help of Nick Rivers. The Diva and Tiny Tim have been thorns in the side of The Bombshell almost since the day she broke into the wrestling business. In this match, she faces both rivals at the same time! Good thing she has the talented and athletic Rivers on her side. The match is supposed to be man against man and woman against woman...but with these combatants, you just know it's not going to work out that way. Tiny Tim and The Diva take their cheap shots at the opposition whenever they can. Lots of action in this one and by the match's end, a brawl breaks out as all four of these great wrestlers go at it!

Match 3) Macaela Mercedes vs. Lady Victoria: Macaela is in a nasty mood this time--and the crowd does not like her one bit!--as she takes on fellow G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Lady Victoria in a match from January 2002. "Lady V", dressed in her leather two-piece and fishnet stockings, looks unbeatable as she flexes her muscles while heading towards the ring. It's no wonder that Macaela decides to use dirty tactics to try stealing the victory! Mercedes finds herself being slammed, tossed, suplexed and smashed with massive forearms from her powerful opponent. Victoria, meanwhile, is subjected to heavy doses of The Bombshell's underhanded tactics: hairpulling, hands to the throat and chokes with the boots are all freely used by her foe. Does Victoria's strength win it all? Or does victory come to the cheating Mercedes?

Match 4) Macaela Mercedes vs. The Diva: In this match from June 2002, both Macaela and The Diva battle in similar outfits of long black pants, black cropped tops and black boots. But that's where the similarity ends. Once again, the crowd is behind Mercedes as she tries to use her skill to defeat The Ever-Cheating Diva. Mercedes shows lots of good offense in this match. But The Diva is not so easily defeated...especially when she starts employing stomps, rope chokes and blatant strangles on her opponent! Will the feud between these two ladies ever come to an end?

Match 5) Macaela Mercedes vs. Tiny Tim: Mercedes takes on arch-enemy Tiny Tim in this July 2002 one-on-one mixed match. It's as simple as this: Tiny Tim resents Mercedes' growing popularity...and he takes every opportunity he can to try to not only defeat, but to beat-up on the popular G.L.O.R.Y. Girl. If you think this is one of those "throw away" mixed matches that you've seen elsewhere, think again. The action is fast-paced and intense as Tiny Tim holds nothing back--and we mean nothing--in his attacks on Mercedes: stomps, chokes, a drop kick to the head...even a flying head butt off the top ropes to Mercedes' chest! While the G.L.O.R.Y. Girl absorbs some unbelievably heavy abuse in this match, she dishes out some hard punishment of her own to her male opponent. Many times during the match, Tiny Tim finds himself flying through the air and hitting the mat hard as a result of a high-flying Mercedes maneuver. Who comes out on top in this battle of the sexes? Sorry...we're not telling!

There you have it. Five of Macaela Mercedes' greatest matches on one great tape. One-on-one competition, tag team and mixed action all give you a taste of Mercedes in a variety of situations. As a bonus, see fellow G.L.O.R.Y. Girls Lexie Fyfe and Lady Victoria as they take on The Bombshell. And, of course, there's Macaela Mercedes herself in those sexy, shimmering, belly-baring outfits that have become her trademark!

If you can't catch Mercedes live and in person, this is the next best thing. The Best Of Macaela Mercedes - Volume 1 can be yours for only...

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Note: Please remember that this is a tape of matches held at various indy events. While it is of very good quality by indy standards (and the action is great!) should NOT be compared to the technical standards of a WWE-type tape. You won't find pyrotechnics, special effects or high-tech enhancements here. But if you are looking for exciting, action-packed, full-length, intense won't be disappointed.

Match 1: Roving ringside camera. Match 2: Various angles from fixed camera approximately 10' from ringside. Match 3: Roving ringside camera. Match 4: Fixed camera with shot of entire ring. (Note: While it does NOT occur during a critical point in the action, there is a slight picture break-up of 3 seconds during this match.) Match 5: Single camera shot of entire ring from behind audience.

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