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Sonya Blackhawk Challenges Diane Von Hoffman


The PGWA office was contacted Thursday afternoon by Sonya Blackhawk, one of the most electrifying young newcomers in the sport. Learning about the upcoming title match between PGWA Champion Pippa L'Vinn and Diane Von Hoffman, scheduled for Sunday, May 4 in Thomasville, North Carolina, Sonya is leveling a challenge to Von Hoffman for that very same weekend!

As of this writing, we are not certain if Diane has learned of this challenge. The PGWA has attempted to contact her, and we have left messages for her, but we have not as yet spoken with her directly. Von Hoffman is so frequently on the road, wrestling all around the world, she's oftentimes almost impossible to reach for days on end. Still, we feel confident in predicting that the "Teutonic Terror"...who has never ducked a challenge in the past...will happily agree to meet this upstart rookie in the ring.

It's fair to ask just why Blackhawk has made this challenge, and that's just what we did. It seems that earlier this month, Sonya had a match with Diane. The redhead claims that she had Von Hoffman on the run and on the verge of defeat, and independent reports indicate that Sonya was indeed very impressive in that match. However. Diane got herself disqualified, thus denying Sonya (in her own opinion) the opportunity to beat the veteran cleanly. So now, Sonya wants another crack at the blond, and she intends to put her down for the three count!

Diane Von Hoffman

"I can take her, and I want the PGWA fans to see it! I think she is just overrated, and I know I can beat her if she'll just agree to this match," snapped Sonya very confidently in our most recent phone call.

Blackhawk lives in Terra Haute, Indiana but wrestles frequently throughout the Midwest, and is willing to take on Diane anytime and anywhere. "This would certainly spoil her weekend if I pin her shoulders to the mat" If this match should take place, it would mark a rare Mid-Atlantic region appearance by Blackhawk, who is quickly making a nationwide name for herself.

And what comment might Diane Von Hoffman have to make about this? Will she accept this challenge? We're prepared to make plans for this to take place whenever and wherever they will agree to meet, including the Friday or Saturday before the big title match on Sunday. Sonya, in fact, very much wants their rematch to happen just before Diane faces the champ. "If I whip her, she'll definitely be morally defeated and Pippa will win for sure." Clearly, the youngster's dislike of the German grappler extends to not wanting her to enjoy any sort of success.

More information to follow just as soon as we receive it.

Credit: Shiai Mata

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