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SlamHotties Website to Debut on Valentine's Day

February 2, 2004 (12:35pm): Slam Entertainment, the premiere source for professional wrestling online content, is proud to announce our newest venture! SlamHotties, located at, will feature some of the hottest ladies of the Indy wrestling circuit in some of the most beautiful poses...and in the sexiest and most revealing outfits.

SlamHotties will feature all new content, shot exclusively by the SlamHotties photographers. This will be a chance to see the women of Indy wrestling in a way you've never seen them before! Who will be appearing? Good question. If they're hot and on the Indy scene, chances are they'll be on SlamHotties sooner or later! Already signed for SlamHotties are Syren, Ivanna B. Eighton, and Bunny Love! These ladies are currently tearing up the Indy wrestling scene, with Syren winning 5 G.L.O.R.Y Girl Awards on the prestigious G.L.O.R.Y Wrestling site last year and working for several different federations throughout the Midwest. Ivanna has been a mainstay in Southern Ohio's Revolutionary Championship Wrestling, and received a huge pop from the WWE's Hurricane last year in his online commentary, The Hurricane Chronicles. Bunny Love, the newest lady to sign with SlamHotties, has also been making quite a name for herself in the Kentucky independent wrestling federations.

SlamHotties also currently has verbal agreements with several other extremely popular ladies from some of the top Indy feds in America, but even more importantly than where they work is that these are the some of sexiest stars in the industry today! Who are they? Look for an announcement shortly, as soon as the i's are dotted and the t's crossed on their contracts!

For updates on models and launch, email SlamHotties at!

If you are a Indy female and interested in modeling opportunities at SlamHotties, send an e-mail to!

The tentative launch date is February 14th! The Indy scene is about to get heat up in a way you've never seen before! Remember to keep checking to see if your favorite diva is one of the girls heating up the scene!

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