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Format Change for Femme Fatales Hall of Fame Poll

February 4, 2004 (9:44am): There has been a change in format with the Femme Fatales of Wrestling Yahoo! Group Hall of Fame Poll. Stan Walsh, webmaster of the site, has taken the nine ladies that had 5% or better of the voting and placed them in one final poll that will end March 1, 2004. The ladies still need to have 5% or better to be inducted. The nine ladies who has made it onto the final poll are Mae Young, G.L.O.R.Y.'s own Kelly "The Diva" Tabor, Missy Hyatt, Sherri Martel, Miss Elizabeth, Madusa, Penny Banner, Natasha the Hatchet Lady, and Wendi Richter. Support your favorite Femme Fatale in the Hall of Fame poll. Remember voting ends March 1, 2004.

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Source: Stan Walsh & Chad Carter

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