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Kiley McLean Interview

February 29, 2004 (5:27am): Patch: Hello, Kiley McLean. Welcome to the Squared Circle Newsletter, & to Patch's Place. Thanks for taking time to chat with me.

Kiley: Wasting my time is more like it. Hurry up let's get on with it. Do you realize I have a standing account with a local funeral home and if I don't provide my quota of bodies a week, I don't get my discount. Come on, I've got people to bag and places to be...

Patch: Ok, let's start off with the basics: Height, home town, who you were trained by, & activities away from the ring.

Kiley: 5'11" is my height. Home town is Highland Springs, VA (by way of St. Kilda, Scotland). I was trained by J. T. Smith (ECW ~ Full Blooded Italians), Rustee "The Foxx" Thomas (traveled the world as a wrestler), Newt Cole, and Dragan Frost. I like to hurt people is my activity away from and in the ring. What is this a police line up or what? Next you'll be asking me for my finger prints and where I was on a certain night.

Patch: How long have you been in wrestling?

Kiley: I've been causing pain and havoc for five yrs.

Patch: When did you work your first show, and with whom did you work it?

Kiley:My first match I had was in my second month of training. This was when I was stupid and thought the good girl finished first. The stupid fans loved me and kissed my feet. What a bunch of idiots. I worked "The Rage" Nikki Starr. Who I might add I turned on and she is no longer a threat to me or any other wrestler. She met with an unfortunate accident (evil grin). Let's just say drooling has now become her favorite habit.

Patch: Do you work primarily heel or baby, and which do you prefer?

Kiley:Let me guess, you rode the little bus here, right? Come on, let me say this slowly. I * love * to * give * pain * to * other * people. What do you think Einstein. I'm heel. Sheeessh, next time I'll bring an a first grader to explain things to you.

Patch: What is the best crowd response that you've ever gotten? Positive or negative.

Kiley: I've had people chasing me down highways shooting at my car. I've been spit on, punched, and many other things. That just goes to show you how stupid people are. Due to my history, the police like to be on hand so I don't go over my quota for the funeral home.

Patch: What promotions have you worked for in the past, &which ones are you currently working for?

Kiley: Virginia Wrestling Federation (VWF), Global Wrestling Alliance (GWA), GWA-West, RAM, ASPW, SCW, ODCW, NWA-Virginia, NWA- SouthWest, NICW, Glory Wrestling, House of Pain, and VCW. I still clean house in GWA, NICW, ODCW, NWA-VIrginia, NWA-Southwest, and SCW.

Patch: Are you currently involved in any feuds? If so, whom with & how did it start?

Kiley: Kameo and I are at each other's throats in NWA- VIrginia. Nicole Starr and I seem to be chasing each other to many different states. Shahima and I seem to be ripping each other apart.

The feud with Kameo is basically, I HATE BARBIE DOLLS! She looks like one and I want to dismember her. She holds the NWA-VA women's title only because she looks like my Barbie that I set on fire when I was five. I'm going to prove to Mr. Dick (sorry, Richard) O'Brien that talent means more to true wrestling than blond hair and a C-cup.

Nicole Starr is this little girl who thinks she should be on the big girls team. But she is sooooo wrong. I have followed her through Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia and now on to Ohio. She thinks she can beat me but she is so sadly mistaken. I have contacted a few funeral homes in the Ohio region and they are willing to cut me a deal and she will be my first on a long list to be their customer.

Shahima is an ever changing wrestler. It's like she watches tapes and changes her style of wrestling everytime I meet her. But she better realize I was trained by the best, which means for every move she has I have a counter move. She didn't have much to say when I superplexed her and kept the GWA Women's Title.

Patch: Have you ever teamed with Nicole Starr?

Kiley: Teamed have got to be kidding me. I have met with her on several occassions but most end up with her on the mat and my hand held up after 1-2-3 is heard. She thinks that if she keeps running I'll get tired, but I never get tired of seeing a fresh kill.

Patch: What can fans expect to see from you when they see you for the first time?

Kiley: Their lives passing in front of their eyes. I not only wrestle women but men as well. That means I feel no pain but my opponents do. I never cry mercy but my opponents cry for their mothers. I never say quit but my opponents quit before the match starts, if they know what's good for them. My goal is total destruction. That is why I'm part of the "Elements of Destruction". I'm fire because when someone gets in the ring with me the reign of fire begins and it doesn't end until they have felt the gates of hell.

Patch: Who are your favorite wrestlers?

Kiley: My favorite wrestlers are Wahoo McDaniel, Rustee "The Foxx" Thomas, Leilani Kai, and ME!!

Patch: If you could wrestle anyone from the WWE, who would it be & why?

Kiley:WWE, oh please. The ladies of WWE.... don't make me laugh. If I could wrestle anyone from WWE I would have say Brock Lesner. I love to make a big man cry in front of people. It would be so easy to have him on his knees begging for mercy.

Patch: What has been your toughest challenge?

Kiley:Getting promoters to take women seriously in the sport. My toughest wrestling challege has been Rustee "TF" Thomas. Whenever you wrestle someone who has trained you, it's hard. She knew everything I knew but I didn't know everything she knew. She showed me what tough was and then some.

Patch: Kiley, we give the stars we interview a chance to say anything they want about the wrestling business. This is your time. Shoot...

Kiley: If you think just because you do it in your back yard it makes you a professional think again. I'm tired of seeing promoters book back yard crap and then can't understand why professional wrestlers are getting hurt and stop working for them. It has got to stop! Book the people who have been trained and stop thinking because you see it on TV you can do it. If that's the case I should be able to do brain surgery, I watched it on the Learning Channel just this morning. Oh, second thought that's not a bad idea. My new catch phrase will be, "iI'll give free labotomies to my opponents with every match." I think it has possiblities.

Patch: Where can fans find you on the web?

Kiley:,, and on yahoo groups ~ kileymcleanfans.

Patch: Kiley McLean, thank you for your time, & the best of luck in your career.

Kiley: Are we done now? Does this count toward my community service hours? Do you valid date parking? Am I getting paid for this? Hey, hey, don't walk away from me. I've got some questions for you, Mr. Nosey ............

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Source: Patch, Squared Circle News

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