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Interview with Victorious Secret

March 20, 2004 (9:08am): Patch: Hello, Victorious Secret. Welcome to the Squared Circle News and to Patch's Place. Thanks for taking time to chat with me.

VS: Not a problem. Had to push back my massage and nail appointment and my custom jeweler is coming a little later, so let's make this quick and let's not let this happen again, okay?

Patch: OK, let's start off with the basics: Height, hometown, who you were trained by, and activities away from the ring.

VS: I am 5'8", I am from the Chicagoland area, and who needs training? I am myself, this is who I am, I am rich and good at telling people what to do. Every man I manage I have an investment in, I don't make money on losses, so there may be times when my investment is losing, and well let's just say I have to help out to insure a victory. Well, when I'm not working around the ring, I am doing the usual, getting my nails done, scouting new talent (to make me money, of course), relaxing by pool side, lots of shopping, morning massages, you know, I'm like any typical every day working woman.

Patch: How long have you been in wrestling?

VS: I entered the wrestling scene about 10 years ago, took a break to have a family, and am back doing what I love to do.

Patch: When did you work your first show, and with whom did you work it?

VS: Gosh, you know, I don't remember, I have worked with Fabulous Frederick for a long time, he has made me the most money, so I'm not going to lose that investment...I mean talented worker.

Patch: Do you work primarily heel or baby, and which do you prefer?

VS: I manage heels, I am a heel. I prefer this. I take pride in the workers with whom I chose to represent, so like I said before, if I see I am losing money (my worker is losing his match) I will take any means necessary to insure a victory.

Patch: Do you ever help your man win his match?

VS: I usually pick workers who can handle themselves, that's why I spend a lot of time scouting workers. I spend a lot of money on my nails and my outfits, you think I want to have to bail out my workers in every match? No. I have helped out when things get in a pinch, but I'll tell you right now, if I break a nail, it comes right out of the workers' pay.

Patch: Whoa! Hold on now, Victorious! Don't throw that vase at me! I'm just doing my job!

VS: Who are you working for anyways? Huh? The wrestling commission? The IRS? You trying to shut me down, Patch? Askin' me all these questions about the way I work my business. You're lucky it was just one of your dollar store vases, and might I add you need to get someone in here to clean this place up, it has two inches of dust all over the place, and I'll tell you this, my friend, if that dust even settles in my fur coat, then I will be sending you the bill. You get me all worked up, I'm going to have to get my pedicure done early today now.

Patch: I understand you valet for Frederick of Hollywood. Do you valet for anyone else as well?

VS: First of all, the name is "Fabulous" Frederick from Hollywood, and yes, I recently took on managing the tag team "Simply Fabulous" which includes "Fabulous" Frederick from Hollywood and "Simply the Best" Carlton Kaz.

Patch: What is the best crowd response that you've ever gotten? Positive or negative?

VS: Everywhere we go, when the music plays and we enter the platform, crowds go crazy, they hate us, and I guess I know why. They know that Victorious Secret only manages the best of the best, so it's like a losing battle from the beginning. I always think of it like, they are not really mad at us, they just know that we are number 1, and it's sad when their "heroes" are not. It's hard to have an NFL league play a pee wee league.

Patch: What promotions have you worked for in the past, and which ones are you currently working for?

VS: Why? Which ones have contacted you about me? Huh? Which ones are investigating me? I don't care what those refs say, especially Bruce Gray the colorblind ref, he has been following me around for years trying to catch me "tampering" with the matches, so Patch, if you are working for him, then look, I'll just tell you a few: Buckeye Professional Wrestling, World Wrestling Coalition, DCW, and if you want more you can check out my links page on my website.

Patch: Are you currently involved in any feuds? If so, with whom and how did it start?

VS: The biggest one is with Big Jim Hutchinson, it's not my fault that he trips in the ring, gets hit with chairs (I don't know how it got in there), and there was one time he was hanging over the middle rope, I was trying to help him and push him back in the ring, well, he kept saying that I was choking him on the ropes, I was trying to tell him that I couldn't reach that high, so if I pulled down on his neck and bounced that maybe he would bounce back into the ring. See, you try to be helpful, and no one appreciates it. So I guess he is out for me. Heck, stand in line.

Patch: What can fans expect to see from you when they see you for the first time?

VS: A little bit of Hollywood Glamour, oh yeah, and definitely a victory.

Patch: Who are your favorite wrestlers?

VS: "Fabulous" Frederick from Hollywood, Carlton Kaz, Dean Baldwin, Trik Nasty, The Mastadon, DDK.

Patch: If you could manage anyone from the WWE, who would it be and why?

VS: Brock Lesnar by far and Big Papa Pump Scott Steiner, can't tell ya why, except for I have always admired their wrestling ability.

Patch: What has been your toughest challenge?

VS: Getting over my fear of being in front of people that are not as beautiful as me. Everyone wants to be like me, and they all want to have the things that I have. It is not every day that you get to pick the best wrestlers out there to manage. I have the money, experience, and outfits to be able to do that, and I fear people will be jealous.

Patch: Victorious, we give the stars we interview the chance to say whatever they want about the wrestling business. This is your time. Shoot...

In all seriousness, it has its ups and downs, you have your good times and bad times, but for me going to smaller towns where WWE doesn't go and entertaining fans and kids is a feeling like none other. Meeting other workers and their families is also great, everyone really seems to look out for one another and support one another. I appreciate the Indy scene the most, you see so much determination, so many dreams, and so many hearts of gold. People sometimes make a joke out of the Indy scene, but these are some of your hardest workers out there today, they drive for miles, weekend after weekend for little or no money to work to entertain fans and to live out their dreams, and that is something that I am proud to be a part of.

Patch: Where can fans find you on the web?


Patch: Victorious Secret, thank you for your time, and the best of luck in your career.

VS: Thanks a lot, Patch, got to run, the Limo is running, oh yeah, and get this place cleaned up, will ya? Next time I'll have my agent send you a list of things to have for me here before we do an interview. Gosh, no white wines, imported chocolates, or Cuban cigars? How can you have people over? Oh, well, got to run.

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Source: Patch, Squared Circle News

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