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Interview with Dani The Suicidal Photographer

March 26, 2004 (1:51pm): Patch: Dani D'Adamo, welcome to Patch's Place. Thank you for coming to talk with me. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Dani: Same here.

Patch: Could you tell our readers a little about yourself, such as age, height, marital status, and hobbies?

Dani: Well, I am 25 year old city girl who is terminally single and I like to go out to movies, read books, and sleep. I always have some sort of wrestling video in my VCR. And I am addicted to the internet and my livejournal.

Patch: How did you get your start in wrestling as a photographer?

Dani: I started a wrestling column in my college newspaper and thought that I should add pictures to my articles. I would take a camera to any show I went to and tried to take as many photos as possible. I also started the digital camera era in wrestling photography, so again I would take my digital camera to an indy show and just try to take photos. I would always send them to promoters and then on June 18, 2001 Fat Frank asked me to work ringside for Jersey All Pro Wrestling and as they say, the rest is history. But, my very first show working ringside was the Jersey J Cup in 2001 for Jersey Championship Wrestling. I have worked for JAPW, JCW, Chikara Pro, Kiryuko Pro, GWF, PWF (now defunct), BWO and freelance for certain wrestlers. Basically, I knew that I had to add to my writing, and therefore photography did it.

Patch: Dani, I gotta know, why do they call you "the suicidal photographer"?

Dani: *laughs* Jersey All Pro Wrestling had a show in Bayonne, NJ in 2001 and one match was Axl Rotten vs. Skinhead Ivan. The match spilled out into the audience, and I am always one to try to get the best shot, so I went into the crowd following the match. A fan screamed out "Oh my god! That photographer is f'n suicidal!" because of the way Axl Rotten is in and out the ring. The name just stuck from then on.

Patch: How did you feel when you were asked to photograph your first show?

Dani: It was a great feeling. My knees did not like it though because of the way the show was set up that if I stood the whole time, I would block views.

Patch: In your opinion, who or what is the best picture you've ever taken?

Dani: Steve Corino. He has been my best subject.

Patch: Who is the easiest to photograph?

Dani: April Hunter, Slyk Wagner Brown, Steve Corino, CM Punk, John Walters, Alicia, Tara Charisma, Disturbed Damian Dragon and Foxxy Dreams.

Patch: How about the hardest?

Dani: Brian Christopher, spotty lightweights as they never stay in one spot.

Patch: Is there anyone you would not photograph? If so, who and why?

Dani: Brian Christopher. Simple as that.

Patch: Have you ever been injured photographing a match?

Dani: *laughs* No. I have been injured, but never during a match. Right now, my right elbow does not straighten out all the way, but that is my own fault and did not occur at wrestling. I might be in the wrong place at the wrong time, sure, but since my brother is trained in martial arts, he showed me how to fall so I would not injure myself. There have been times I was brought into the ring though. Just as long as my camera does not break, I am a happy girl.

Patch: Do you remember the first match or first wrestler(s) you photographed were?

Dani: First was for the J-Cup and I think it was Mike Quackenbush vs. Qennan Creed. First wrestlers I photographed were the Big Unit, The Haas Brothers (r.i.p. Russ), Low Ki, Gabriella Leigh, Kristy Kiss, Foxy (now known as Foxxy Dreams), and many more.

Patch: Who is the person you'd most like to photograph but have not yet?

Dani: Christopher Daniels. He is my favorite indy wrestler. I have photographed him as a fan but not at ringside yet.

Patch: Have you ever wanted to be a wrestler or valet?

Dani: *laughs* Sometimes I do, but I will only be a wrestler or a valet in video games.

Patch: Dani, we give the stars we interview a chance to say whatever they want about the wrestling world. This is your time. Shoot...

Dani: Well, I really do not consider myself a star, but thanks for the compliment! The only thing that I really have to say at this point is that wrestling is now on a downslide because of the WWE so I urge all wrestling fans to start watching indy wrestling, starting with Ring of Honor. It is the best independent promotion today! Just because crap is on television does not mean that ALL wrestling is crap. If you do not like WWE, get some videos and enjoy!

Patch: Where can fans find you on the web?

Dani: I have my own website which is

Patch: Any final thoughts?

Dani: Just that I never thought I would get interviewed. I am just a photographer. The people in the ring are who matter!

Patch: Dani, thanks again for doing the interview. Best of luck to you in your career.

Dani: Thank you very much for this opportunity.

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Source: Patch, Squared Circle News

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