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Noel Returns!

March 28, 2004 (3:43pm): The following was posted on the G.L.O.R.Y. Board:

Aside from the multiple women in the gauntlet match SSCW did saturday (I did not count how many but seemed most of the northeast), something interesting happened in the main event of Honky Tonk Man v Simon Diamond.

Simon put HTM into a sleeper. A figure in black pants and a hooded sweatshirt came out and slowly came to the ring. Simon went into his trunks for a pair of brass knuckles when the hooded figure got into the ring and jumped on Simon's back. Simon snapmared this person over.

The person stood and faced Simon then dropped their hood to reveal.....


She then nailed the stunned Simon with a nutshot. HTM followed up with the Shake Rattle N Roll for the pin as Noel, sucking on a candy cane of course...smirked and left.

Source: Indy Fan, G.L.O.R.Y. Message Board

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