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Interview with Foxxy Dreams

April 3, 2004 (3:44pm): Patch: Hello, Foxxy Dreams. Welcome to the Squared Circle Newsletter, & to Patch's Place. Thanks for taking time to chat with me.

Foxxy: The pleasure is all mine.

Patch: OK, let's start off with the basics: Height, home town, who you were trained by, & activities away from the ring.

Foxxy: I'm 5' 5" in heels, 5' 2" without...yes, I'm short. Born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey. I was trained at the ECPW School in Parsippany, NJ and trained by Grand Master B., Dave Delicious, Kodiak Bear, "Strangler" Nick Maddox and Gino Caruso.

Activities away from the ring...I love to write, I can always be found with a pen and paper in my hand just writing. I write poems, songs, short stories, I've written 2 movies, and I'm in the process of writing a novel, which is my fictional autobiography of sorts. I'm always listening to music, music is my life force, it soothes, it inspires, etc. I'm not a big television watcher, but once I turn it on, it's hard to take me away from it, only Damian can successfully tune me away from the television.

I love driving, I find driving to be very relaxing to me, except when people cut me off or don't use their turn signals.

And recently, I got addicted to shopping, again.

Patch: How long have you been in wrestling?

Foxxy: I began training October 27, 1998, two days after my 17th birthday. I trained for and entire year, and on November 2, 1999, I made my ring debut with ECPW as Vikki...two months after that I became Foxy. Then in July of 2002, I expanded to Foxxy Dreams. So doing the math correctly, for 2004 it will be 6 years that I've been in wrestling. Although I consider myself being a part of wrestling my entire life because I've wanted to be in wrestling since I was about four or five, and in my heart I knew someway and someday I would pursue it.

Patch: When did you work your first show, and with whom did you work it?

Foxxy: My first show was November 2, 1999 at the ECPW school during a student show. Like I said, then I was Vikki, the sweet innocent "fiance" of Enigma turned Aaron Payne. He wrestled the Pub Bully with Joey G. and Miss Asia in his corner. It was fun to work against other managers. I didn't do much of anything, because I was new and I was a face. The only thing I did was 'cry' over the lifeless body of Aaron after the match when he got pummeled after by the Pub Bully. His dad, Sgt. Payne, came out to help us, then the next month we turned (on his father) . I became Foxy, he became "Arrogant" Aaron Payne, and we feuded with his father for months. It was so much fun, my mother and brother were to there to watch me, they're my number one fans. My father only came to watch me after I turned heel, it meant more to me though because he was there when I took my first ever bump.

Patch: Do you work primarily heel or baby, and which do you prefer?

Foxxy: Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. I absolutely love working as a heel, because there is so much more you can do and get away with, the facials you can do and the selling, etc. It definitely has a broader range. The only thing I don't like while working heel is that sometimes kids pull your hair, at least mine, I haven't heard of any other female having her hair pulled just yet. I mean I did my job, but please don't pull my hair, y'know?

Right now, Damian and I work face...for some reason people love the dark gimmick. I suppose it's because everyone has felt like an outcast or a misfit at least once in their lives, and that's what we are 24/7, we're the outcasts, we're the misfits. I like working face, because I like to meet and greet the fans during intermission, talk to them, and just have fun. I find it a little hard for me to work as a face though, but in doing so I'm learning more about it each time. I mean, I'm a nice person outside of wrestling, but I love villains, I always cheer for the bad guy, etc. My trainer once told me that I'm a natural heel, and it's true.

Patch: Do you ever help your man win his match?

Foxxy: Well, that depends. Damian and I have an understanding when we go to the ring, that we can both hold our own because we are both very strong people. I know he's not an underdog when he gets in the ring, and he knows I'm not the typical damsel in distress whether I'm in the ring or ringside. When things get bad, then we'll help eachother out. As far as helping him win a match...I don't quite recall if I have. What are you insinuating, huh?

Patch: Whoa! Hold on now, Foxxy! Don't throw that vase at me! I'm just doing my job!

Foxxy: Uh huh, your job...if that's what you want to call it.

Patch: What is the best crowd response that you've ever gotten? Positive or negative.

Foxxy: The best crowd response....well, it would have to be up in Connecticut. A while back when I worked for ACW, Jason Knight's federation, I worked an evening gown match against Missy Hyatt. I won't get into details about the match though. All I'm going to say is 1: that I went in the match as the heel, and walked out the face, and 2: people in Chicago know about the match. Since that match though, there were a certain group of fans that would chant 'Hyatt Killer' every time they saw me.

Of course, I've heard the 'She's Got Herpes' chant, the "She's A Crack Whore" chant, and the "She's Hard-core" chant before. Which is fine with me. I always wanted to be in ECW, that was my goal when I got into the business. So when I'm playing heel and I get those chants, I love it. It brings me back, and makes me feel like and 'Extreme Woman" of ECW.

Patch: Who are you currently managing?

Foxxy: Currently, I manage my real life husband 'Disturbed' Damian Dragon, permanently. We market ourselves as more of a tag team than just a manager/wrestler, simply because I do wrestle, and though I may not wrestle full time, I am fully capable of doing so against a girl or a guy. With managing, I am much more than just the girl that walks him to ringside also, I am literally his manager. I literally manage our careers. I talk to bookers, handle show dates, any and all Internet work that has to be done, I do. I'm like Foxxy Maguire. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!

Patch: When and where did you have your first wrestling match, and who did you face? What was the outcome of that match?

Foxxy: This is a rather strange way of answering the question, so bear with me. I began a little feud with Tracii Taylor in ECPW. It began with a catfight after a match with our wrestlers (I attacked her wrestler, so she attacked me), the next month we had a mixed tag match which I lost, then an evening gown match which I also lost. Our first official wrestling match wasn't until the summertime with the Monster Factory in South Jersey. I was the heel, and she was the face. It was so long ago, I don't remember much of the match, but I do know that she won by giving me a DDT. She and I feuded for a long time, and continued to have matches against each other with Monster Factory and ECPW. Out of all the matches her and I have had over the course of a year and a half, I won only once, and it was due to the help of Kodiak Bear and a steel chair.

Patch: Can you tell our readers about the evening gown match you had with Luxurious Lynne? What was the outcome?

Foxxy: LOL! Luxurious Lynne and I had an evening gown match in Guilford, CT. It was a simple match with a lot of psychology. My Connecticut fans were there cheering 'Hyatt Killer' the whole time. I have the match on tape, and the crowd responses/participation are hilarious. That crowd was awesome! They were so into the match. Actually, that show was the debut of 80's Foxy, a big part of my normal self. I defeated Lynne by pulling off her dress, and after the match in a sore loser rage, she ripped the top of my dress off. She was taken to the back before I killed her for it though, lol. I loved that dress I worked in, it was a cheap dress I bought at the Salvation Army, because I wasn't going to buy an expensive dress if it were only going to be ripped up. But I grew an extreme liking to that dress. I tore it up when I got home, and still use the fabric as a table cloth!

Patch: What promotions have you worked for in the past, & which ones are you currently working for?

Foxxy: Dear God this is going to be a long list. In the past: ECPW, JCW, Monster Factory, ACW, CWF, IHPW, UWA, UWF, GWF, JWA, Millennium Productions, USAPRO, TWF, ICW, XBOKO, RW Promotions. In the present-JCW, NYWC, USAPRO, ICW, TWF/SWA, IWZ/UWA, JWA, IHPW, PWF-North East, AWA (Morgan's)

Patch: Are you currently involved in any feuds? If so, whom with & how did it start?

Foxxy: Currently, I am not involved in any feuds. Damian and I had an ongoing feud throughout the course of 2003 with Shawn Sheridan in JCW, which went fantastic. I've had feuds with Tracii Taylor. Luxurious Lynne and I are always feuding whenever we see eachother, we just can't seem to resolve things. Miss Kara and I have been involved in a feud, that never really went anywhere, but should've. I suppose if there is anyone I was feuding with as of recent would be Tara Charisma at NYWC, it was short-lived, but we still got our hits in on each other.

Patch: What can fans expect to see from you when they see you for the first time?

Foxxy: They can except me to wear an awesome, unique outfit (I make all of my clothes myself so I know that nobody else will have the same outfit on). They can except to see me involved in Damian's match one way or another, either I will retaliate on somebody, or they will decide to put me through some type of pain. The fans may hate me or love me, but they will be entertained by me. And by the end of the match, despite the hate or love, they will be cheering for Damian and I.

Patch: Who are your favorite wrestlers?

Foxxy: There are way too many to begin to name. I'll break it down though. In the WWE I enjoy watching John Cena, Randy Orton, Lance Storm, The Hurricane, Chris Jericho, Jamie Noble, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, etc. In other promotions I enjoy watching Simon Diamond, Jerry Lynn, Raven, A J Styles, Christopher Daniels, Shane Douglas, etc.

Female wise, I love Victoria, Molly, Ivory, Nidia, Dawn Marie, Alexis Laree, Tammy Sytch as Sunny, Woman, and Sensational Sherri. I love watching old school managers, most in particular Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, and Freddie Blassie. I support women's wrestling 100%, and I love watching my friends on television or video. For Xmas I received a women's wrestling dvd, and I'll admit, I marked out when Valentina worked.

Also, since I was very into ECW, I still watch and worship those videos. I know it's dead, but not in my heart. That was my dream, and I will always love it. So I watch those tapes very often.

Patch: If you could manage anyone from the WWE, who would it be & why?

Foxxy: I never really thought about that one. I mean I have dream people that I would've loved to manage and none of them are in the WWE at the moment, I guess I never really gave it much thought. Back in the day, I used to want to manage Shawn Michael's, but not now because he doesn't need a manager. One would be Rico, since he's changed up his look a lot, I'd get such a kick out of working with him. In general, I would've loved to manage Simon Diamond, Shane Douglas, and Raven.

Patch: What has been your toughest challenge?

Foxxy: In wrestling, or general. Because the answer is one in the same. My toughest challenge would be having to prove myself in wrestling. A lot of girls would come and go on the independent circuit, a majority of them came into it for the wrong reasons, and would get swept up into things they shouldn't have been doing. When I got into wrestling, I had to prove to everyone that I wasn't one of those girls. That I wanted to be in wrestling for the love of the sport, and not the glitz, glamor, and/or the guys. Proving that I could wrestle, that I was more than just ringside eye candy, and that I was capable of more than just a catfight or an evening gown match. At this time, I've proven myself in certain areas. But when I go to work for a new federation, and the locker room doesn't know me, I have to prove myself all over again. But that's gotten a lot easier to do now since I've been in wrestling longer. At the end of the day though, it's all worth it.

Patch: Foxxy, we give the stars we interview a chance to say anything they want about the wrestling business. This is your time. Shoot...

Foxxy: Well, first off I am very upset that in Damian's interview he got to do word association and I didn' you think I wouldn't have known anything about the business to say anything good? I'm just kidding!

Don't judge a manager by the valets she hangs out with! Noel taught me that valuable lesson. But in all seriousness, there is a major difference between a manager and a valet that people really need to realize. I myself am a wrestler that manages, not a manager that can do the 'basic' girl moves (basic girl moves would be hurricanranas, tilt a whirls, etc.) I mean I can do those things, but what people don't know is that I can chain wrestle like any guy could, and I have in/out ring psychology; nor am I a valet that just walks the guy to the ring and just stands there to look pretty. A lot of girls are more than just a valet, but they get pigeon holed because of the lack of opportunities, or the way she looks. So just give the girls a chance to prove what they are capable of, you may be may also be disappointed, but at least you will know who's the manager and who's the valet.

When in doubt about your career, think about the history of wrestling that you are now a part of. You may not be the biggest name, not many people may know who you are, but whether you're just starting out or becoming a veteran, you are still in the business of professional wrestling, so you are still part of that long legacy that others have paved the way for us. So be proud of it, and enjoy it as much as you can because not many people get to follow their dreams.

Patch: Where can fans find you on the web?

Foxxy: There are a number of sites you can find us on, especially if you decide to do an Google us, I've done it and it's pretty interesting to see my name on some German website. But primarily you can find Damian and I, as Disturbed Dreams, at our website and any other place you can see more of us are in the links sections. We have online journals that feature our commentary of the day/week/month, wrestling sites, other wrestlers sites, lots of pictures, and etc.

Patch: Foxxy Dreams, thank you for your time, & the best of luck in your career.

Foxxy: Thank you for the interview, and always remember to support your local Disturbed just might be you!

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Source: Patch, Squared Circle News

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