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Tiffani Monroe's PWE Show is a Success

April 12, 2004 (2:34pm): The following was posted by Tiffani Monroe in her Yahoo! Group:

Last night was a blast. The crowd was great, the talent was excellent
and I could not have wished for a more successful show. I want to
thank everyone for your support in bringing REAL PRO WRESTLING back
into the public eye. I am so proud to have had a show without the
cursing, and bleeding; but instead with all of the excitement, and
acrobatics, and entertainment that this one had. With "Lightening"
Mike Quackenbush as our first PWE Heavyweight Champion and Fantasia
as our first PWE Ladies Champion we are off to a great start. I know
that we are going to grow and grow. PWE's next show will be at the
Little Buffalo Family Campground Reception Hall, Newport, Pa. on May
29th at 7:30pm. Thank you all again for the encouragement that you
have given to me. Love, Tiffani

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Source: Tiffani Monroe

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