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Interview with Hardcore Princess

April 15, 2004 (9:04am): Patch: Hardcore Princess, welcome to Patch's Place. Glad that you could take the time to do the interview. I appreciate it.

HCP: No problem, thanks for having me.

Patch: Will you tell our readers a bit about yourself? Just general background info.

HCP: Well, I work for IPW-Hardcore wrestling, valeting for Chaos and the Chaotic Cult. (Note: Since this interview was done, IPW-Hardcore shut their doors. Now Hardcore Princess works for Full Impact Pro.)

Patch: How long have you been involved in wrestling? And how did you get your start?

HCP: I have been a part of the business for a little over a year now, but I grew up around wrestling. My mother took me to shows when I was younger. Actually, when we moved here to Tampa about five years ago, my mom took me to my first NWA Florida show. While attending one of the NWA Florida shows, I learned about IPW-Hardcore Wrestling and met a few of their trainers. I was immediately interested and began training at the Florida WrestlePlex. (Note: This interview was done in June/2002, so she has been involved in wrestling for about two years now).

Patch: I know that you are a valet and you do wrestle from time-to-time. Which is easier?

HCP: I started training and became a valet. I wanted to wrestle, though. However, in October of 2001, I was in a car accident that prevents me from wrestling at this time.

Patch: Have you worked for any promotions other than IPW-Hardcore?

HCP: Yes, I have had the pleasure of working for NWA Florida, NWA Wildside (Macon, GA), and EPW (Venice, FL).

Patch: How do you feel about the fans, do they help or hurt your career?

HCP: Well, honestly, the fans can make or break anyone who is new and trying to make a name for themselves. The first shows were rough as no one knew me or who I was. After that, however, they adjusted to me and cheered me on.

Patch: What makes you tick? What drives you to go out there night after night and give the fans the best show that you can give them?

HCP: The fans themselves are what makes me tick. The louder they cheer or boo, the more into the show I get.

Patch: You have to admit that there are a few fans that will say something to you that is off color or out of line. How do you handle that?

HCP: Depending on what is being said or the situation at hand, I either yell back at them or ignore them.

Patch: Finish this sentence...When people first meet me, my hope is that they think I am _________

HCP: Tee hee..well...uhm...I hope that they think I am a confident and strong willed person.

Patch: For some wrestlers it's hard for them to separate their private lives from their professional life. How do you manage to do it?

HCP: Well, the more and more fans come to shows, the more they learn about us. There are some extreme fans who know where I live and even my parents' names. With the exception of that and being recognized occasionally in stores or restaurants, I keep my personal life separate.

Patch: What one word best describes the Hardcore Princess and why?

HCP: Well, I am at a loss, so I will share with you the words borrowed from one of my fans when asked this same question about me: "The English language could not possibly contain one word so all-encompassing as to describe you (Princess) and your greatness to a scant polysyllabic word."

Patch: Hardcore Princess, thanks again for doing this interview! It has been a pleasure to talk with you. Good luck in your career and in all that you do. God bless!

HCP: Thank you, Patch!

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Source: Patch, Squared Circle News

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