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Tara Charisma Video

April 17, 2004 (1:22pm): Tara Charisma Video
Posted by Tara Charisma on April 12, 2004, 11:28 am

Hey everyone.
I have this idea for a project that I would be doing during the summer. It would be a documentary basically following me around for the summer. You would see me go to wrestling shows, the beach, shopping... basically me in my daily life.

I am only planning on doing this if I can have 150 copies pre sold (to cover the cost of expenses). The video costs $50.00 (that includes shipping).

Also 10 random videos will have a special confirmation number in them. Email that number back to me and you will receive a special promotional 8x10 for free!!

If you are interested please email me!! Remember I am only doing this if I can get 150 copies pre-sold! Dont miss this chance


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