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Interview with Florida Jade

April 19, 2004 (8:49am): Patch: Hello, Florida Jade. Welcome to the Squared Circle Newsletter, & to Patch's Place. Thanks for taking time to chat with me.

Jade:no thank you patch for having me,its an honor to be here with you.

Patch: Ok, let's start off with the basics: Height, home town, who you were trained by, & activities away from the ring.

Jade:i am 5ft 1in.i live in orlando,fl.i was trained by cb.i like to read,write,i run and charity,help with my boyfriends buisness,and on my free time i have 5 neices and nephews that occupy my time.

Patch: How long have you been in wrestling?

Jade:only 2 years.

Patch: When did you work your first show, and with whom did you work it?

Jade:my first show was at universal studios.we did like 12 matchs that night.the first one was a 3 way against a kid name bad boy and this chic saphire.that was definatly and experience.

Patch: Do you work primarily heel or baby, and which do you prefer?

Jade:mostly heel,and thats the way we like it.

Patch: Do you ever help your man win his match?

Jade:what do you think

Patch: Whoa! Hold on now, Jade! Don't throw that vase at me! I'm just doing my job!

Jade:yeah,sure...of course i help,when it calls for it

Patch: I understand you valet for CB Cool. Do you valet for anyone else as well?

Jade:no not at this time.i dont manage anyone other then cb

Patch: What is the best crowd response that you've ever gotten? Positive or negative.

Jade:the best response ive ever gotten was over an was red.this guy actually started singing i love jade she loves me wouldnt we make a happy family

Patch: What promotions have you worked for in the past, & which ones are you currently working for?

Jade:right now we only work for nwa cwfl,epw,and usws.we have worked for nnw,ngw,hvw,scw,aow,fwe,cwa,cwf,acw

Patch: Are you currently involved in any feuds? If so, whom with & how did it start?

Jade:no not at this time

Patch: What can fans expect to see from you when they see you for the first time?

Jade:expect to see one hell of a show.

Patch: Who are your favorite wrestlers?

Jade:well other then cb my fav wrestler is lita.

Patch: If you could manage anyone from the WWE, who would it be & why?

Jade:i know this is probably corney.but if i could manage anyone at all, i would still manage cb,because he is my favirate wrestler and i want to be there when he makes it.

Patch: What has been your toughest challenge?

Jade:my toughest challenge so far has been conversing with the crowd.sometimes they scare me.

Patch: Jade, we give the stars we interview a chance to say anything they want about the wrestling business. This is your time. Shoot...

Jade:well,when i was a little girl,i didnt even like wrestling.and now here i am.wrestling has done so much for me and my confidince,who knew.

Patch: Where can fans find you on the web?

Jade:well i am on a website called glorywrestling... the site is as well as

Patch: Florida Jade, thank you for your time, & the best of luck in your career.

Jade:again thank you for this was fun.

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Source: Patch, Squared Circle News

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