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Interview with Jenny Taylor

May 4, 2004 (11:03am): Patch: Jenny Taylor, welcome to Patch's Place and the Squared Circle Newsletter. Thank you for coming down to talk with me. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Jenny: Thanks for having me

Patch: Let me start off with some basic information, such as height, weight, age, hometown, and hobbies away from the ring.

Jenny: 5'6 133 I'm 25 years old.... I'm originally from Parker Colorado, but now live in Greensboro North Carolina. Away from the ring, I enjoy working out, writing, playing softball, walking in the park, visiting my family or just hanging out.

Patch: What made you pursue a career in wrestling?

Jenny: I moved to North Carolina to persue a career in the entertainment business. My now best friend Kristin was a valet for a local wrestling federation. I went to a show with her and the rest is history. I absolutely love being a part of the business and feel very blessed for the opportunities I have already been given so early in my career. Its very funny the way things work out and its great to know that you've finally found what you were always meant to do.

Patch: Who trained you, and what was training like for you?

Jenny: I was trained by Jeff Rudd from Carolina Wrestling Federation ( Jeff is a wonderful trainer! He is very patient and kind and really knows his stuff! I feel very blessed that I have had such a wonderful group to learn from. Training was something that I will never forget about. I still train weekly, but I must say that at the beginning it was hard for me. I can remember being so sore, and bruised and gashed up all over my body..... I think now my body has finally adjusted to the ring and the bumps and the ropes, but it definetely took some time to get used to. I am far from knowing everything there is to know about this business, much less knowing everything that makes someone a great wrester. I believe in my heart this is what I am supposed to do and I will continue working hard and being dedicated to this business until I have obtained my goals.

Patch: When and where did you have your first match, whom did you face, and what was the outcome?

Jenny: My first official match was in Myrtle Beach South Carolina in the summer of 2003. I faced Special "K"/ Krissy Vaine and she actually beat me. I guess you have to lose a few to win a few :)

Patch: How many titles have you held in your career?

Jenny: I have yet to obtain a title.

Patch: What promotions do you work for?

Jenny: I have worked for many different promotions covering the east coast. these include, Carolina Wrestling Federation (CWF), NWA Wildside, NWA Bluegrass, Heartland Wrestling Association (Hwa) you can check my schedule page at for other promotions

Patch: What was your most memorable match?

Jenny: The first time I worked for NWA Wildside, I faced Krissy Vaine and I won. When I went back to the locker room, I received a standing ovation..... that was a great moment!

Patch: How about your most challenging?

Jenny: I faced Persephone in Jacksonville, NC. She's much more experienced then I am and she was very intimidating. Although she beat me it was a wonderful learning experience!

Patch: Who has been your toughest opponent?

Jenny: Everyone opponent is a tough opponent.

Patch: Do you wrestle primarily heel or face, and which do you prefer?

Jenny: I usually work as a face which I enjoy, however the few times I have been heel was very fun!

Patch: A lot of crazy things happen in the ring. What has been the craziest thing you've seen happen in the ring, either to you or to someone else?

Jenny: I don't think I can pin point just one thing. I will say that those high flyers blow my mind! They do so many insane things! Sometimes I just have to put my head down and shut my eyes!

Patch: How about the scariest?

Jenny: We were at the NWA 55th anniversary show and saw a worker flip from the top of a ladder onto the floor on the outside of the ring. As you can imagine a ladder is not the best thing to flip off of as it is not very stable. He did not make a full rotation and landed right on the back of his head on the concrete floor. Immediately blood started spraying out of the back of his head. He was lying still on the floor and then his body started convulsing and jerking.... he then started making all sorts of weird gurgling noises......we thought for sure that he was in serious trouble! Of course they rushed him to the hospital and surprisingly he turned out ok. He suffered head trauma and a pretty bad concussion. He was very lucky!

Patch: Finish this sentence: When people meet me away from the ring, I hope they would say what about me?

Jenny: That I am a very nice, respectable person who tries very hard to be the best I can.

Patch: What do you think of the following wrestlers?

Jenny: Victoria has become such a great wrestler! I can tell that she has worked so hard and I admire her ability to do a lot of things that some girls may not be brave enough to do.

Molly Holly
Jenny: To me Molly is definetely one of the most solid wrestlers in the business today! She can make anything look great and really knows what she's doing!

Jenny: I admire Lita for her dedication and ability. After being out hurt with such a serious injury, its nice to see her come back without any fear and continue doing everything she does best!

Trish Stratus
Jenny: Trish is probably my favorite girl. To see where she was when she first started and where she is now, you can see how dedicated she is and how hard she has worked! I think she is so beautiful and so talented!

Vince McMahon
Jenny: Vince is a very smart business man who obviously knows what he's doing. His business has always done great and I'm sure will continue to do great!

Patch: If you had the chance to wrestle anyone, who would it be & why?

Jenny: I would love the opportunity to work with any of the girls in the WWE. It would be such an honor and such a great learning experience.

Patch: Where can fans find you on the web?


Patch: We give the stars we interview a chance to say whatever they want about the wrestling business. This is your time. Shoot...

Jenny: This business is truly an addicting one. Once your sucked into it, there's just no getting out. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time, but I know that everything I do will pay off one day. I just feel honored to be a part of it all in whatever capacity. I intend to work my butt off until I get to where I want to be. The fans are such an important part of our success. Without them we would have nothing. I would like to send out a special thanks to all the fans, and friends who have stood by me through thick and thin and never let me down.

Patch: Once again, Jenny Taylor, thanks for coming down to talk with me. Good luck in the future.

Jenny: thank you very much.

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Source: Patch, Squared Circle News

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