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Niolan Entertainment seeking video submission from indy promoters and wrestlers

May 9, 2004 (6:12pm): Niolan Entertainment is currently accepting video submissions from indy wrestling promoters and indy wrestlers that wish to have their best footage included on DVDs that will sell in stores such as Best Buy, Sam Goody, Tower Records, F.Y.E. and many other retail locations.

I would love to have the GLORY girls submit footage for our DVDs.

Niolan Entertainment will be accepting video submissions from indy promoters and indy wrestlers until the deadline of May 29, 2004. You can only submit footage that you own the rights to.

Contact Michael Moody of Niolan Entertainment at or at if you're interested in submitting footage with "INDY" written as the subject.

Niolan Entertainment
office # : (626) 665-7571

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Source: Michael Moody

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