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Interview with Hellena Heavenly

May 11, 2004 (10:07am): Patch: Hellena Heavenly, welcome to Patch's Place. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

Hellena: My pleasure, Patch.

Patch: Tell our readers about yourself, such as height, years in the wrestling biz, and, well, just the basics.

Hellena: Let's see. I am 5'7", around 130 lbs. I've been in wrestling for 4 years (Note: interview done in 2002), trained in Cincinnati in the Heartland Wrestling Association. I was born in Reno, NV and have moved around quite a lot since then, mostly within the state of California.

Patch: I know you were trained by Les Thatcher. What was training like for you?

Hellena: Difficult, but I had lots of great guys in the league to help me work through it.

Patch: Have you held any titles as of yet? If so, would you list them?

Hellena: I think I held one somewhere in the Michigan border area, but it was only for a day. Kinda like my Gramma when she won that game show "Queen for a Day." HA HA!

Patch: Are you currently feuding with anyone? If so, with whom and how did it start?

Hellena: I would guess the only feud I currently have going would be with that cow Ms. Natural, the World League Wrestling Heavyweight, oops, I mean Women's Champion. That started this month when she jacked me from behind after I won my number one contenders' match.

Patch: Hellena, do you feel that because you are a woman, promoters look at you differently than they do the men, and do you think you get treated fairly?

Hellena: Part A of that question: Definitely. Part B of that question: Some promoters do and some don't. It varies.

Patch: Who are some of your favorite wrestlers?

Hellena: Manami Toyota, Sherri Martel, the Jumping Bomb Angels, Molly, Jazz, Bret Hard, the Bulldogs, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Rico, the Hurricane, Jerry Lynn, Spanky, and others. I could go on for days, but I don't think we have that kind of space in this article.

Patch: What is your favorite type of match to wrestle in?

Hellena: Ummmm, any that are for TV! No, really, I haven't had a lot of "types" of matches, but I will say that my favorite is probably a tag match. I've always been a fan of tag matches.

Patch: How do you feel about the fans who come to see you? Do they help you or do they hurt your career?

Hellena: I don't think I have met any fans that have hurt my career. If they want to hurt you, they aren't exactly a fan, are they? I have, however, wrestled in front of some "difficult" audiences.

Patch: What do you do to prepare for a show?

Hellena: If the crowd is lucky, I will put on makeup and cover up my fat a** in lots of clothes. Other than that, I just do my best to remain calm and in control, because when panicking happens things go wrong. And I am a big advocate of things not going wrong.

Patch: What makes you more unique than any other wrestler?

Hellena: ANY other wrestler? Good question. There has to be somebody sorta like me somewhere I guess. That question there asks for a very lofty answer, and I don't consider myself lofty. I can say that quite a few people like me because of my actual personality, which (sadly) is not something I have really been allowed to bring out in any character I have ever wrestled or managed as. I think I can be insanely amusing and entertaining if left to my own devices, but I don't think I have been allowed to do so.

Patch: Complete this sentence: When people meet me, I hope...

Hellena: ...they enjoy the experience tremendously and want to meet me again sometime.

Patch: Hellena, we always give the stars that we talk with a chance to talk about something within the wrestling business that they may feel strongly about. This is your forum, Hellena...go for it!

Hellena: I feel very strongly about me getting a contract! And, as most women wrestlers will tell you, I'd like to see more Molly/Jazz type matches and less pudding/bra and panties matches. Just the usual wish that the Women's Title and division would be treated as seriously as the others.

Patch: Any final words, Hellena?

Hellena: Don't believe the hype! OH WAIT! Unless it's GOOD hype--that stuff is all totally true, yo!

Patch: Hellena Heavenly, thanks for your time. Good luck to you in your career and God bless.

Hellena: Thanks for giving me the time. I appreciate that you would consider wasting it on little old me. SMOOCHES!

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Source: Patch, Squared Circle News

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