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Interview with Stacy Hunter

May 26, 2004 (10:25am): Patch: Stacy, hello, and welcome to Patch's Place. It's nice to meet you again. Thanks for coming down to talk with me.

Stacy: As always ... it's your pleasure!

Patch: Well, let's start off with the basics: Years as pro, height, hometown, and activities outside the ring....

Stacy: Four straight years in, but was in on and off about five before that; height 5'8"; hometown is Pittsburgh, Pa. I spend a lot of time with friends, working out at the gym, practicing.

Patch: Who trained you to wrestle, and what was it like for you?

Stacy: Sadly, I was trained totally wrong. Luckily, the guys at NWA-East have been working with me and I've improved a lot, so I guess you can say I was trained by them. A lot of the guys will bust my ass, others are really cool to work out with.

Patch: When and where did you have your first match? Whom was it with? And how did you feel going into that match?

Stacy: First ever was in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. I was a manager for Paul Atlas in 1994. I don't really remember much from back then, so I can't really answer that. I can tell ya, though, I still get nervous in front of some crowds.

Patch: What promotions have you worked for?

Stacy: Pro Wrestling eXpress (NWA-East)(PA) - Pittsburgh Wrestling Leauge(NWA-East)(PA) - Allied Powers Wrestling Federation (PA) - American Independant Wrestling Federation (NC) - Tri State Wrestling Federation (PA) - World Independant Wrestling Federation (WV) - Western Penn Wrestling Alliance (PA) - No Limits Wrestling (PA) - Gorgeous Ladies Of Outrageous Wrestling (PA) - Womens Extreme Wrestling (PA) - CRUSH (MN) - Liberty Championship Wrestling (PA) - Black Diamond Wrestling (WV) - World X-treme Wrestling (PA) - Mega Championship Wrestling (Ohio) - Millenium Wrestling Federation (Ohio) - Total Wrestling Extravaganza (PA)

Patch: Have you held any titles? If so, what are they?

Stacy: Of course I have! Are you dumb??? I'm a two-time NWA-East Women's Champ, the APWF Hardcore Champ, and UPW/3RW Women's Champ as well!

Patch: What changes have you gone through since we last spoke?

Stacy: Oh, wow ... Well, I rejoined NWA-East and became the bodyguard of the TRUE NWA-East Champion Devin Devine (whom iI also bodyguard in TWE and MCW), I became the Queen of MCW ... but if you consider the other women there, that wasn't hard, and I've lost some weight.

Patch: Do you work baby or heel? Does it matter to you? How do the crowds react to you?

Stacy: HEEL!!! And, yes, it matters. I am who I am, and that's it. The crowds hate me. I've had the entire crowd at the past three shows chanting at the guys to "hit the bitch," meaning me.

Patch: Who would you say has given you your toughest match so far?

Stacy: Belladawna. Bella kicked my ass all over the building, and someone beat me.

Patch: Do you have a favorite match to wrestle in?

Stacy: Hardcore.

Patch: What makes you want to get into the ring night after night?

Stacy: I love doing this, I love hearing the fans hate me, and I love being with the guys in the back.

Patch: If you had the chance to wrestle anyone in the business, who would it be and why?

Stacy: Sherri Martel. She's the reason I got into the business in the first place.

Patch: Stacy, we give the stars we talk with a chance to say anything they wish about the wrestling business. This is your time. Shoot....

Stacy: If the promoters would concentrate more on what the woman can do in the ring or at ringside, things would be so much better. Too many girls that are worthless are in the business, but because they look good, they have a spot on shows. I've worked too hard to have my spot taken by someone that has no clue what she's doing in the ring or at ringside.

Patch: Where can fans find you on the web?

Stacy: On G.L.O.R.Y. of course, my website and my Yahoo! Group

Patch: Any final words?

Stacy: Soon I will show everyone that I truly mean business. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that Devin is safe at ringside and that he gets the NWA-East Heavyweight Title on June 5th no matter WHAT!!!

Patch: Thanks for your time, Stacy, and the best of luck to you.

Stacy: I don't need luck. Glad to give you the pleasure.

Source: Patch, Stacy Hunter

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