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UWA 5/23 Results

May 29, 2004 (3:44pm): UWA Resurrection results

Glory Girls Cindy Rogers, Alicia, Tara Charisma Foxxy Dreams & Penny Dreadful were in action.

As well as TAMMY LYNN SYTCH, The Hardcore Ho-"BOBCAT" Cyndi Lynch, Cheri Delicious, Lady Lee, Shannon LaVey, & Rag Doll.

UWA-fast becoming the # 1 promotion for Women in the Northeast, is proud to announce The addition of NIKKI ROXX and APRIL HUNTER into the UWA Womens TAG TEAM DIVISION on JUNE 26th,.. see the website for more details.

Sunday May 23rd 2004
From Lucky's Nightclub in Passaic

Paid Attendance- 125
Live Attendance- about 50.

It was 100 degrees in the arena, so some people came and left, and some ticket holders never showed.

Ref's: Ref, Pat Savino, Don Felipe, Gary Morere.
Special Guest Refs: Tammy Lynn Sytch, Joe Rules.
Announcer: El Nene Sanchez

No Shows- Dickie Rodz, Axl Rotten.

Match 1-
13 Man Lightweight # 1 Contender Gauntlet:
Winner - Ken Scampi.

Eliminations as Follows:
Red Hott Russ d. Mo Sexy
Din Mak d. Red Hot Russ
Din Mak d. Pinky Sanchez
Damian Dragon d. Din Mak
Damian Dragon d. Travis Blackchurch
Danny Demanto d. Damian Dragon
Keenan Quinn d. Danny Demanto
KC Koresh d. Keenan Quinn
Dan Dynasty d. KC Koresh
Ken Scampi d. Dan Dynasty
Ken Scampi d. Mike Donovan ( AWA Mayhem )
Ken Scampi d. J-Kronik

Rick Silver Promo, w Billy Reil, Alicia, Cindy Rogers, Joe Rules & Foxxy Dreams.
Rick announced that Billy was indeed in the heavyweight title match, and that Homicide, who was sitting in the corner, was still suspended.
Also made Foxxy Dreams a special tag partner for Tara Charisma, and made Frankie Starz find a tag partner to defend the UWA Tag Titles, The partner could not be ANY MAN in the building, and had to be a former WWF Champion and gave him 30 seconds to find a partner before stripping STD of the titles, Starz had the answer for him, right at Ringside, Former WWF Hardcore Champion , "BOBCAT" Cyndi Lynch! ..

Match 2-
w Special Ref Joe Rules

"Sterling" Rick Silver d. La Parka USA,
as a result , Mambo King is STILL not allowed to dance at UWA shows.

Haloween Jack and Ragdoll made the save for La Parka USA while he was suffering a beatdown.

Match 3-

6 Man Tag
The Nation of Immigration d. The Diamond Mine w Johnny Diamond, The Diamond Vixxen and The Diamond Doll.
( Black Angel, Jay Santana, & Apache ) ( Slugger, Malta The Damager & Louie The Hand )

Match 4-

w Special Ref Joe Rules

Womens Tag ( Non Title )
The "New Big Unit" - Alicia & Cindy Rogers d. Tara Charisma(c) & Foxxy Dreams, Foxxy turned on Tara.

Alica, Tara & Foxxy all had something to say before the match, and Foxxy promised Tara she'd be on her best behavior,
Alicia riled the crowd up with her promo.

Match 5-

3 Way Dance - Winner chooses what title he wants a shot at.

Skinhead Ivan d. The Tower of Torture & Kuvatro w/ Mr Big to become the next # 1 contender.

Ivan chose the Heavyweight strap, and will fight for it June 11.

Match 6-

Hardcore Title Fatal 4 Way

Low Life Louie d. Bandido (c), Danny Yamz & Bison Bravado w/ Mr Big

Louie pinned Danny Yamz, and was awarded the belt, but gave it back to Bandido because he did not pin him,
Match was signed for June 11, Low Life Louie vs Bandido , 1 on 1, for the Hardcore strap.
Louie wins, but Bandido STILL CHAMP

Match 7-
Womens Title

w/ Special Guest ref Tammy Lynn Sytch

Luscious Lily d. Alere Little Feather (c) - Luscious Lily NEW UWA Womens Champ

Lily got the pin when Chris Candido came out with one boot on asking Tammy where his other boot was, Alere had a pin, Tammy was "distracted" by Chris, and when she confronted Tammy, Lily snuck up on her and pinned her with a quick 1,2,3.
Little Feather cleaned house after the match, tomahawk chopping Chris Candido.

Bobcat came out after this match ad challenged Lily, Alere demanded a rematch, Lily said she wasnt fighting anyone, and Alee could fight Bobcat on June 11, to see who was the # 1 contender , Tammy Lynn Sytch offered to ref it, so we have Bobcat vs Alere Little Feather on June 11 as well!

Match 8-

Harry Acropolis d. Whipper Whip

After this match, Foo Foo and Frankie Starz came out and told Whip he had potential, and even though he lost, he was being auditioned for The Sickness, and that he better win his next 2 matches if he wanted to be part of the Sickness. Whip accepted the challenge.

Match 9-
NJ State Title Match

Warpath d. Mayhem w Cherri Delicious (c) & Spyder via DQ.
Mayhem still champ.

Match 10 -

The Equalizer d. Johnny Candido w Chris Candido via The Big Boot!

Match 11-

UWA Tag Title Match

The Sickness 2004 presents
The STD (c)
* -Strain 1.3 - ( "Bobcat" Cyndi Lynch & Frankie Starz ) w Foo Foo
d. The Elm Street Kidz ( Psycho & Rayza ) w Penny Dreadful

Bobcat pinned Rayza w a Tornado DDT to retain the Tag Titles.

Match 12-

Lightweight Title Ladder Match

Before the match , Grim Reefer said if Bandido Jr loses, hes' done with him, and he will never give Jr. another shot at the Lightweight strap.

Grim Reefer (c) w Billy Reil d. Bandido Jr.

Billy and Reefer gave Bandido Jr hell all night, until Bandido Sr. came out to make the save, Bandido cleaned house, and sent Jr. up the ladder, only to have Billy and Reefer push Bandido Sr. into it, knocking Jr. off and into the crowd, Reefer ascends the ladder while Reil holds it.

Grim Reefer will face Ken Scampi ASAP.

Match 13-

Heavyweight Title - 3 Way Dance

Chris Candido w Johnny Diamond d. Billy Reil & Balls Mahoney(c) w Bobcat
Chris Candido is now the 2 Time UWA Heavyweight Champion.

Billy Reil pinned Balls Mahoney, Chris Candido pinned Billy Reil.

Next Show
Friday June 11, 6 PM
Passaic NJ.

Main Event

UWA Heavyweight Title
Crazy Ivan vs Chris Candido (c)

UWA Tag Titles
The S.T.D. vs The Elm Street Kidz

UWA Womens # 1 Contender
Alere Little Feather vs "Bobcat" Cyndi Lynch!

UWA Hardcore Title
Low Life Louie vs Bandido (c)

UWA NJ Title
Tower of Torture vs Warpath vs Mayhem (c)

UWA Lightweight Title
Spyder vs Grim Reefer

UWA Womens Tag Titles
The New Big Unit vs The New Glamour Girls (c)
( Cyndi Rogers & Alicia ) ( Ariel & Tara Charisma )

also in action: BALLS MAHONEY, BANDIDO JR. , Harry Acropolis, Whipper Whip , Danny Yamz, Black Angel, Kuvatro , Keenan Quinn & More!

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Source: Team UWA

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