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G.L.O.R.Y. Girl News from 5/22 NWA-East Event

May 29, 2004 (3:48pm): The main event was a wild brawl, with Devin Devine getting the pin on NWA East Heavyweight Champion Mad Mike, albeit controversially. Taylor went at it hard with Crusher Hansen, and Mike went at it with Devine, who was wearing a shit with "Future Champ" on the front, and "King of Men" on the back, While Devine's bodyguard Stacy Hunter was proudly wearing a "Mad Mike fears Devin" shirt. Mike and Hansen handed out the beatings early with the plunder, which was aplenty. Hansen worked Taylor over on the outside of the ring with what appeared to be a basketball rim while Mike went at Devine with chairs. Barbwire was soon introduced to the mix, and Hansen began to wrap it around a turnbuckle. Soon Stacy Hunter began to factor in on the outside, with Hunter picking her spots on Mike. Hanson hit Devine with a powerbomb through a table then interference by Krystal Frost allowed Taylor to nail Hansen, and take him to the outside. Mad Mike went after the groggy Devine, and hit him with a Tekken Suplex, which was still not enough to get the pin with Hunter making the save. Mike went after Hunter on the outside, but slid back in and worked over Devine before he could get up. After a short arm clothesline, Mike went for a Cradle Piledriver, but had the count broken up by Nikita Allanov, running out from the back. Allanov whipped Mike into the barbwire, who hit it hard and staggered out into Devine, who hit his Memphis Neckbreaker for the pinfall.

Also the next show will feature a 4 Corners of Hell match with weapons in all 4 corners of the ring, between Heavyweight Champion Mad Mike and Devin Devine. Devine has a 5th weapon though which could be the deciding factor in this match...his bodyguard Stacy Hunter.

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Source: NWA-East

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