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Ladies Match in Connecticut

May 29, 2004 (3:52pm): The following was posted by diva fan on the G.L.O.R.Y. Board on May 25, 2004, 4:00 am:

I went to CCW in CT to see Ariel vs April and got a nice suprise of Nikki Roxx being added in for a 3 way. It was a phenominal match and I hope more federations will consider using the ladies with skill this way.

Declaration Of Independents Review (with details added):
April Hunter d. Ariel and Nikki Rox
This match might've been one of the best woman matches in a while. I was sitting with fans who didn't even like woman's wrestling, and they were even surprised with this match. April and Nikki started the match by deciding to team up on Ariel. Ariel was able to double clothesline her opponents down, then arm dragged them down. Ariel then cleared the ring, lastly clotheslining April over the top rope. Nikki got back in the ring and samoan dropped Ariel. April came back with some big stiff victim kicks on Ariel. April and Nikki then hit a wishbone on Ariel. I guess that move will make child birth easier. Heynow! April and Nikki continued to team on Ariel by putting Ariel in a camelclutch/boston crab combo. Ariel came back though, by knocking down Nikki into April. She got rid of Nikki and Ariel then hit a perfect huranacarana off the top rope on April. Nikki broke it up and they continued their double team efforts. April came back with an over the top rope submission on Ariel...and Nikki turned on April putting her in a camel clutch while she had Ariel. Ariel got back up and hit a short arm into a diamond cutter on Nikki. Nice move.Nikki hit her Cutie suplex, April yanked the ref out. Nikki attempted to attack April and got snapmared out to the floor (holy ####) for her troubles. April then hit a german suplex, with a bridge on Ariel for the pin.

Really good match that flowed really well. I think Northeast fans will appreciate womans wrestling more if this happened in a NY/NJ fed.

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Source: diva fan, DOI

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