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Results of Tiffani Monroe's PWE

May 30, 2004 (6:35pm): These results are a copy of results that were posted on the GLORY
wrestlong website by a PWE fan who was in attendance at last night's
show. Thanks, Herb

FROM NEWPORT, PA - Complete results of the Pro Wrestling
Entertainment card held on Saturday, May 29 at Little Buffalo Family
Campground Recreation Hall: Aidiean (w/Flex Fenom in his corner)
pinned The Night Prowler (announced as being 400 pounds from the
streets of New York). Lots of outside interference by Flex helped his
FNA tag team partner come out of this with a win. Time: 7mins 6secs.

Flex Fenom defeated Phantasmo by submission. Very good technical
match. Flex caught Phantasmo with a crossface-type submission, and
Phantasmo could not reach the ropes to force a break and had to tap
out. Time: 9mins 30secs.

The Wolfman (from deep in the woods of Perry County) beat 18 year
veteran and self-proclaimed Indy Legend - "Luscious" Johnny Graham.
Graham did not like how Tiffani Monroe announced him over the house
mic, so he took the mic and introduced himself! Graham had everyone
laughing as he made fun of the Wolfman and the fans from Perry County
when he said Wolfman looked like someone from Perry County's sister!
(Wolfman is bald and has over 300 tatoos on his body! Hey, Johnny may
have been right!) Wolfman was his usual crazy self, biting both the
referee and Johnny Graham. After the match, Wolfman threw animal
crackers to the crowd. Time: 3mins 32secs.

Intermission. An opportunity to meet some of the wrestlers like Lexie
Fyfe and Wolfman and get autographs.

"The Italian Stallions" John "The Paisano" Balsamo and Gino Martino
defeated Shane Shadows and Sam Sanders in a one fall - 60 minute time
limit match. The Stallions beat down on Sam Sanders for the early
part of the match, and whenever it seemed he would be able to fight
back and make the tag, the Stallions would distract the referee, who
missed the tag. Sam finally did make the tag, and Shane Shadows
cleaned house on both the Italian Stallions for a while.
Unfortunately for Sam though, The Stallions were able to reverse a
flying bodypress (with a big handful of tights) to score the pin at
the end of the match. Time: 17mins 4secs.

PWE ladies champion Fantasia wrestled Lexie Fyfe to a 30 minute time
limit draw; Fantasia retained her ladies title as a result. As
written elsewhere, this was a very, very good match. Time: 30mins.

Original ECW star (and I believe former ECW TV champion)Glen Osbourne
beat Brock Singleton by disqualification in a number-one contenders
match; as a result of his victory, Osbourne earned a future title
match with PWE champion "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush on July 3 in
Newport at Little Buffalo Family Campground. Glen tried to use his
chain on Brock, but Brock grabbed the chain away. Referee Dice saw
Brock with the chain and called for the disqualification. Not
fair!!!! Nonetheless, Glen Osbourne is the new #1 contender and
receives the title match on July 3. Time: 7mins 23secs.

Signing off from the beautiful Little Buffalo Family Campground ...
Can't wait until July 3 ...

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Source: Tiffani Monroe

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