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IWA Mid-South Women's Title Tournament Results

May 31, 2004 (11:23am): IWA Mid-South Wrestling, in association with NWA Midwest, presented
a one night single elimination tournament to crown the first IWA Mid-
South/NWA Midwest Women's Champion on Sunday night, May 30th. Here's
what went down...

DAVE PRAZAK started the show with some announcements concerning the
competitors in the tournament, and how during the course of the
previous week, several wrestlers that were originally scheduled had
to pull out, and though IWA was able to book SUMIE SAKAI to fill one
of the voids, one still remained. Additionally, Massachussets based
wrestler ARIEL was unable to make her flight to Chicago due to a
family emergency earlier that morning. As a result, Ariel's first
round opponent, RAIN, would be given a bye into the second round.

Also, based on previous experience on the east coast, MERCEDES
MARTINEZ would be the other first round bye in what was now forced
to become a ten wrestler tournament due to the circumstances.

These announcements brought BECKY BAYLESS to ringside, who asked
Prazak if she could fill one of the spots in the tournament. Prazak
laughed at her in response, and reminded her that she's a valet, and
doesn't have very much actual wrestling experince yet in comparison
to the established women in the tournament. Becky said that after
being a part of IWA Mid-South for the past year, all she wants is to
be given a chance to show what she can do. Still refusing to put her
in the tournament, Prazak soon turned around to see that Becky's
trainer, HOMICIDE, had entered the ring to take up for his student.
He made it short and simple, that Becky will be in the tournament,
or else he'd break Prazak's neck. In light of the situation, Prazak
quickly announced that Becky would now face Mercedes Martinez in the
first round. All eleven women in the tournament were then introduced
to the crowd individually, and posed for a group photo in the ring.

1. DAIZEE HAZE def. SUMIE SAKAI in the opening contest.

2. MERCEDES MARTINEZ def. BECKY BAYLESS (w/ Jimmy Jacobs) following
a fisherman buster.

3. MICKIE KNUCKLES def. LEXIE FYFE with a shining Kawada kick to the

4. LACEY def. TRACY BROOKS (w/ CM Punk) with the implant DDT.

5. MsCHIF def. ALLISON DANGER after blowing red mist in her eyes,
and following it up with the Desecrator.

6. DAIZEE HAZE def. RAIN in the first second round match after a
modified heart punch, followed up with a butterfly suplex.

7. MERCEDES MARTINEZ def. MICKIE KNUCKLES after a Saito suplex,
followed by a fisherman buster.

8. LACEY def. MsCHIF by sweeping MsChif's free leg when she
attempted to hit the Desecrator. Lacey scored the fall with her feet
on the ropes for leverage.

9. BRAD BRADLEY & RYAN BOZ (w/ Carmine DeSpirito) def. TRACY
SMOTHERS & CHRIS HAMRICK to win the IWA World Tag Team Championship
after hitting the swinging double horsecollar faceplant on Hamrick.

elimination final to become the new IWA Mid-South/NWA Midwest
Women's Champion. Daizee was the first wrestler eliminated, by
Martinez via pinfall. Lacey and Martinez wrestled one on one for an
additional seven minutes, with Martinez hitting Lacey with the
fisherman buster, but in a ring position that allowed Lacey to put
her foot on the bottom rope. Lacey ultimately hit the implant DDT on
Martinez for the pinfall. Lacey was presented with the title belt,
and was joined in celebration in the ring by her tag team partner
RAIN, and eventually all eleven women gathered at ringside as IAN
ROTTEN thanked them for their efforts. Rotten announced that IWA Mid-
South will remain committed to women's wrestling, and will hold
future all-women IWA Mid-South events, in addition to featuring
women's matches on its regular shows. Lacey will make her first
title defense against Daizee Haze in their previously scheduled
Knockout/Submission Match on 6/11 in Lafayette.

WHITMER in a six-man elimination tag team match, which saw Hero as
the sole survivor. B-Boy was the first eliminated, followed by
Whitmer, then Homicide, leaving Hero to take on both Punk and Joe
for the rest of the match. Hero was able to pin Punk following the
Hero's Welcome, leaving Hero and Joe to relive their match from the
previous night in Highland. Hero battled with Joe until he was able
to lock him in the Hangman's Clutch and force him to tap out. After
the match, most of the men in the match shook hands, but Punk and
Joe refused to shake Hero's hand and left the ring. IAN ROTTEN
approached the ring and requested that on 6/11 in Lafayette, Hero
and Punk "do it one more time," and face each other in a match with
no time limit, one fall to a finish. Punk was reluctant to agree to
the match at first, but eventually did. Hero used the phrase "Until
we meet again" on the mic in reference to the forthcoming renewal of
their feud.

The event was filmed by Smart Mark Video with two cameras, and
commentary by Dave Prazak, Eddie Kingston, Danny Daniels, Nate Webb,
and Tracy Smothers.

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Source: IWA Mid-South

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