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Amber O'Neal's Return

June 4, 2004 (4:34pm): Over 150 vocal fans turned out for an exciting knight of action provided by the Southern Wrestling Alliance this past Saturday night, May 29th, at the National Guard Armory in Mt. Airy, NC; which was hilighted by Amber O' Neal finally making her long-awaited return against longtime rival GeeStar.

Amber was returning from reconstructive knee surgery nearly one year to the day of her final match prior to the surgery.

Amber caught the current Mid-Atlantic TV champion off guard early on with a spear, sending Gee quickly to the outside to regroup. The two exchanged a series of close pinfalls in the early going with the crowd showing their appreciation for both competitors with a round of applause. As expected, Gee wasted no time at all in going after the repaired knee, jumping on it at the first opportunity.

After viciously battering Amber's leg for several minutes, Gee set up to finish Amber off, but Amber reversed it into a DDT, driving Gee's head into the canvas. Amber came back with both a titl-a-whirl headscissors and her modified bodyscissors/guillotine choke submission finisher, which Gee was able to survive by making it to the ropes.

The end came when Amber went for a sunset flip out of the corner but Gee blocked it by holding onto the second rope, sitting down, and using the ropes for leverage to gain the controversial decision.

SWA wasted no time at all in announcing a rematch for their next event, a benefit show on Saturday, June 12 at Nancy Reynolds Elementary School in Westfield, NC.

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