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Excellent Women's Tag Team Title Defense on 6/11 UWA Event

June 14, 2004 (2:58pm): UWA Women's Tag Team Champions Ariel & Tara Charisma (The New Glamour Girls) were scheduled to defend their belts against The New Big Unit members Cindy Rogers & Alicia at this big event in Passaic, New Jersey; however, Tara Charisma was unable to appear.

The UWA's Evil Owner Rick Silver and Special Trouble Shooting Referee Joe Rules (both of which are also Big Unit members) decided that the Glamour Girls should be stripped of the belts and the title awared to the Big Unit.

Sean Hansen, who was scheduled to referee the bout, protested that the decision was unfair. Silver offered Ariel three minutes to find someone to defend the titles with against the Unit.

Hansen said, "She doesn't need three minutes, I'll be her partner tonight!" So the match was set for later that evening:

Ariel & Ref Sean Hansen vs. Cindy Rogers & Alicia with Rick Silver -- and featuring Special Trouble Shooting Referee Joe Rules (who was sporting a metal detector to check Ariel & Hansen for any foreign objects)!

The many fans in attendance were into this match from start to finish, and the participants did not disappoint.

Joe Rules called this match right down the middle, not letting Ariel or Ref Hansen cheat at all (although he The Big Unit might have used some slightly underhanded tactics that he let slide by.)

The end was near when Rogers & Ariel were brawling outside the ring, leaving Alicia in with Hansen. Rick Silver tossed Alicia a pair of brass knucks, which Joe Rules deemed perfectly legal. Even though Rules counted as fast as he could, Hansen managed to kicked out!

A frustrated Joe Rules grabbed Hansen, and Rick Silver grabbed a copy of Patricia M. Steinman's Formula For Success (Joe Rules always keeps a copy of it handy on a clipboard, for just such an emergency.) Somehow, Hansen moved, and Silver knocked out Joe Rules with the clipboard instead!

After that, Ariel got back in the ring, hit her finishing maneuver on Alicia, and another much less qualified official ran in and made the three count. Hansen & Ariel successfully defended the UWA Women's Title on behalf of The Glamour Girls!


This UWA event also included other women's matches, as well as an appearance by Penny Dreadful. The following match descriptions come from a report posted on

Lady Lee beat Shannon LeVay via submission, Bob Cat was the special refree.

Alere Little Feather came down looking like a Puerto Rican Super Hero with a cape and head band on. Her opponent was Bob Cat with Special Refree Tammy. Taila comes down and said something which I don't think anyone heard because she was her speech was so soft. Next thing you know we have another three way elimination match. Here's how they went. Talia by Bobcat DDT, and Talia wasn't too happy, so she decided to stick around ring side. Near the end of the she decides to interfere by hitting Bob Cat with the UWA Women's Title. Alere went for the pin "Your new UWA Women's champion Alere". Hey wait a second, wasn't Luscious Lily the champion at the last show?

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Source: Special Trouble Shooting Referee Joe Rules

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