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GeeStar Shoots Role in Independent Horror Movie

June 22, 2004 (9:51am): CHARLOTTE, NC - Mid-Atlantic female wrestler GeeStar shot her first film role this past weekend, as part of Mutantville Productions' "C for Chaos". Gee plays the role of Chris, a teenager that has her throat slit at a party by the killer of the film. Gee was even able to display a little bit of wrestling in the picture, locking in one of her fellow actors in her Praying Mantis STF shortly before being killed. Principal photography for "C for Chaos" will continue through the year with a scheduled 2005 release.

Mutantville Productions is a Charlotte, North Carolina based independent film production company specializing in fresh and unique genre entertainment. GeeStar wrestles throughout the Southeast, most notably for CWF Mid-Atlantic wrestling where she appears on their weekly television broadcast throughout North Carolina and recently became the first female in the 31 year history of the Mid-Atlantic TV title to hold that belt.

Mutantville Productions


CWF Mid-Atlantic

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