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CWF Mid-Atlantic Women's Results 6/26


It was a both a history making and shocking night for CWF Mid-Atlantic this past Saturday night at the Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington, NC that ended with a shocking series of events that crowned a new champion.

Mikael Yamaha and Xsiris were out next and they called out Kid Kazi to gloat over the injury they inflicted on Kamakazi Kid that resulted in the young star suffering a cracked orbital bone on the last CWF show. Yamaha at one point produced the destroyed mask of Kamakazi Kid and then chased the child around the ring. GeeStar came to the child's aid which led to Commissioner Cross declaring that during Yamaha's title shot against Gee later in the evening; to prevent any outside interference, Xsiris would be handcuffed to Gee's manager, Brad Stutts, much to the protest of Yamaha and Xsiris himself.

The ladies hooked up next, featuring the return to the CWF Mid Atlantic ring of Amber O'Neal, who had not wrestled for CWF since May 31st, 2003 - her final match before reconstructive knee surgery. Battling against veteran Brandi Wine, O'Neal withstood a variety of dirty tricks and illegal tactics by the lady brought in by Mikael Yamaha to take her out again. Amber won by pinfall in 8:17, but was blindsided by the irate loser before returning to the dressing room.

With Brad Stutts and Xsiris handcuffed together, GeeStar made her fourth Mid-Atlantic TV title defense, this time against Mikael Yamaha. As the intense contest drew to a close, referee Katie Kincaid found herself caught in the middle of the action and knocked out cold. Yamaha jumped at the opportunity, grabbing the title belt from ringside and setup to nail Gee with it. Stutts, seemingly trying to save his champion, unlocking the handcuffs with the key Commissioner Cross had given him, ran into the ring, and snatched the title belt away from the clutches of Yamaha. Then, in one unforgettable motion, Stutts turned towards Gee, with the belt in hand, and smashed it into her face with a sickening smack of metal meeting flesh and bone. A revived official and a 3-count later at the 8:48 mark and Mikael Yamaha was crowned as the new Mid-Atlantic TV champion, thereby ending Gee's reign as the only woman to hold the title in the 31 year history of the belt. The apparent new faction of Yamaha, Xsiris, Brad Stutts, and Brandi Wine then stood over the unconscious ex-champion posing, until several wrestlers from the back rushed to the ring, finally coming to the realization of what had just transpired.

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