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Lexie Fyfe Announces the Launch of a New Site

June 30, 2004 (1:58pm): Hi everyone! I'm very excited and pleased to announce the opening
of a new site. It's called SLAM! Super Ladies, Awesome Matches.
Superb Ladies, All-Star Matchups! Whatever you want it to stand
for, it means great ladies wrestling!! The free site is up and
running. We're still adding some of the ladies' profiles but
everything else is up. There are tons of pictures that are
exclusive to this site. The member's area will be up later this
week with matches and picture galleries that are also exclusive to
the site. We spent 6 months doing video and photo shoots and
traveling all over to bring you the best! Please check it out and I
hope that you will join up !! Thanks!! Lexie

Click here for more info...

Source: Lexie Fyfe

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