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PWE Results

July 6, 2004 (9:49am): It was the Little Buffalo Campground in Newport Pa. where PWE held
their show this past Saturday night. And what a show it was. Some of
the best wrestling talent on the Indy circuit was there and they
certainly showed why they are considered some of the "BEST."
the following is a brief rundown of the matches that took place.

Match 1) This was a special added attraction match. Martial Artist,
Tagusaki took on The Insane Sam Desperately. This match found Sam
using every crazy move he could come up with to stay in the game.
Tagusaki used his high flying maneuvers to try to tame The Insane
one, but in the end it was Insanity that prevailed as Sam Desperately
went on to win this match.

Match 2) This bout put Tag partners opposite each other as both
Icarus and Gran Akuma displayed their high flying wrestling talent.
This was not a match of enemies, but a match of two talented
wrestlers who gave everyone an exciting display of sportsmanship. The
match went past the 10 minute time limit finding both wrestlers
equally deserving of this draw. However, Tag Team Enemies, FNA were
in the house and were furious at the acceptance of Icarus & Akuma by
the fans. FNA took the mic and ordered Icarus & Gran Akuma out of the
ring and out of the house claiming that this was their turf. FNA
claimed a victory on Icarus & Akuma on the last PWE show. After
thinking that they were rid of them FNA were furious to see that they
had returned. FNA returned to the locker room. Icarus & Akuma soon
exited also.

Match 3) This match had USA Vs Russia. As The Russian, Zubov faced
off against USA's Shane Shadows. This was a highly technical match
with both wrestlers using Scientific mixed with Old School moves on
each other. Shadows definitely had the crowd on his side as they
chanted "USA" on this July 3rd night. It was the USA who came out on
top as Shadows got the pin on Zubov.

Match 4) This match was a rematch between The Indy Legend, Johnny
Graham and The Wolfman. Both of these wrestlers were very
entertaining to watch. This time instead of taking a cookie break
during their match, Wolfman decided he wanted a hot dog instead.
Managing to down the dog outside of the ring before a 10 count
Wolfman got back into the ring just in time to be met by a Body Slam
by Johnny Graham. This did not keep the Wolfman down.The two sparred
back and forth when finally the Wolfman caught Johnny Graham off of
the ropes with a Powerslam which put Graham out for the count. As
Wolfman celebrated with his fans he passed out boxes of animal
cookies to the crowd.

Match 5) This match was a Tag Team Match. PWE newcomers, Jay & Trey
Owens took on the team of FNA. FNA was very full of themselves
claiming the ring and house as their own. Both of these Tag Teams put
on a great match filled with a variety of technical, high flying
moves with also Old School style moves. Several times FNA used some
underhanded tactics to get the control, and finally it was a handful
of powder from FNA's Adiean into the eyes of Trey Owens as Flex
distracted the referee. This allowed Adiean to get the pin on Trey
Owens. FNA celebrated among themselves as Jay and Trey Owens attacked
them and tried to clear the ring of them, but FNA managed to beat
them down. Suddenly, the ring was charged by none other than Icarus &
Gran Akuma. The two soon cleared the ring of FNA and they threw out a
challenge to FNA for a rematch on the next PWE show. Promoter Tiffani
Monroe approved the match and it will take place on August, 28th in
Landisburg, Pa.

Match 6) This match was the PWE Ladies Title Match. Challenger,
Allison Danger met up with the PWE Ladies Champion, Fantasia. This
match found Fantasia taking every chance to cheat. Even when caught
with a handful of Allison Danager's hair she still argued with the
ref, Zack Carlucci. Fantasia was in rare form that night that was for
sure, she argued with the audience , she made fun of the ref's
Italian accent, and she pulled hair, raked eyes, and choked her way
through the match. Allison gave it her all with several beautiful
moves one of which was a snappy Russian Leg Sweep, but Fantasia still
rallied. Finally, Fantasia clocked Allison in the head and got the
pin It looked like another PWE victory for Fantasia, but then Ref
Carlucci looked down and saw a set of brass knuckles. He reversed his
decision and declared Allison Danger the winner. Because this victory
for Allison was by disqualification, Fantasia retained her PWE
Championship status.

Match 7) This was the Main Event. It was the PWE Heavyweight Title
Match. The challenger is an original ECW Super Star, Glen Osbourne.
The PWE heavyweight champion is Lightning Mike Quackenbush. This
match was extremely competitive. Osbourne's strength matched with
Quackenbush's acrobatics kept the match in a very back and forth
mode. Finally Osbourne resulted to using a chain that he had brought
into the ring to punish Quackenbush with. This occurred several times
and finally promoter, Tiffani Monroe had enough of all the cheating
as she approached the ring and grasped the chain from Osbourne's
reach. As Osbourne argued with Monroe, Quackenbush grabbed Osbourne
from behind and gave him a Raining Power Bomb. Mike Quackenbush got
the pin and remains the PWE Heavyweight Champion.

The next Pro Wrestling Entertainment Event will be at the Landisburg
Fire Hall in Landisburg, Pa. on August 28th. Keep checking the PWE
website for more upcoming PWE Shows.

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Source: Tiffani Monroe, PWE

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