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Amber O'Neal, GeeStar, more Appear at SWA July 4 Spectacular

July 6, 2004 (2:01pm): Four female wrestlers, including GLORY girls, were in action this past Sunday night at a special 4th of July spectacular presented by the Southern Wrestling Alliance, based out of Huntsville, TN.

For the first time ever, GeeStar and Amber O'Neal found themselves on the same side of the ring, as they teamed against two of their long time arch rivals. Female referee Katie Kincaid came to the ring first which prompted current Mid-Atlantic TV champion Mikael Yamaha, alongside manager Brad Stutts to begin a verbal diatribe on not just a female official, but the entire female gender, greatly offending the several hundred female fans and spectators at the event. SWA owner Doc Hall took exception to the comments as well, changing Yamaha's match from a singles contest to a tag match, forcing him to team alongside manager Brad Stutts against the first-time ever teaming of Gee and Amber! Despite much protest, the match did finally go down, with Amber and Gee getting a bit of revenge over the recent occurrences back in the NC Mid-Atlantic region, pinning both of their enemies at the 10:40 mark following stereo DDTs.

In other action, the demented Trinity H. Campbell pinned her long time rival Sienna Blaze in 4:35 following a flying clothesline off the top rope.

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