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IWA Mid-South Wrestling Press Release


The Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South, based
in Louisville, KY, has promoted live professional
wrestling events for almost eight years around the
Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois region. During
the past year, the promotion has put its focus on live
events throughout the state of Indiana, with its
bigger cards held just outside of Chicago in Highland,
IN. IWA-MS promoted 53 live events during 2003, and
looks to top that during 2004.

The company made a decision during late 2003 to
institute a full scale women's division, with the goal
of giving talented female wrestlers the chance to
compete on the same level as the men, at a time when
women's wrestling in the United States isn't being
showcased by many organizations. An array of different
athletes from around North America passed through
IWA-MS locker rooms during the past eleven months,
highlighted by a one night single elimination
tournament to crown the first IWA-MS/NWA Midwest
Women's Champion on May 30th in Hammond, IN.

The IWA-MS women's roster thus far has been mainly
built around wrestlers such as: current IWA-MS/NWA
Midwest Women's Champion Lacey (Minnesota), Daizee
Haze (Missouri), Mickie Knuckles (Kentucky), Rain
(Minnesota), MsChif (Missouri), Tracy Brooks (Canada),
Mercedes Martinez (Connecticut), Sumie Sakai (Japan),
Lexie Fyfe (Florida), and Allison Danger
(Pennsylvania). IWA-MS has also featured Becky Bayless
(New York), Angel Williams (Canada), and ODB
(Tennessee) on cards in recent months. The women of
IWA-MS not only have one another to learn from by
wrestling on our events, but also a vast array of
experienced male wrestlers who appear on our shows.
Notably, Jerry Lynn has acted as an agent and mentor
to our women during 2004, helping them grow as
performers and get the very best out of their efforts
on any given night.

Based on fan support, and the overwhelming positive
feedback that has been given to the surge in women's
matches in IWA-MS, the promotion has decided to (in
addition to booking women's matches on a regular basis
on each of the regular IWA-MS shows on the schedule)
begin to run all women events. The first IWA Mid-South
Women's Wrestling card (since the title tournament
show in May did technically feature two men's matches)
will take place during the month of October, in
northern Indiana.

IWA-MS professionally films and distributes each of
its live events on VHS and DVD via Smart Mark Video
(, which gives fans
outside of the promotion's region the opportunity to
follow the company without having to attend the events
in person. A great deal of the promotion's revenue
comes specifically from videotape sales, as over the
years, IWA-MS has cultivated a strong worldwide
following amongst tape collectors. This also gives the
wrestlers a great opportunity to have their work
viewed on a large scale, which few independent
promotions today are able to provide for its talent.

The management of IWA-MS has made women's wrestling a
priority, and is determined to provide the most
dedicated female athletes with a place to truly shine,
and perform at as high of a level that they are
capable of. As the second half of 2004 approaches, we
would like to appeal to all serious woman wrestlers
who would value the opportunity of sharing a locker
room and learning through working with many of the
other top women in our business. IWA-MS is pleased to
have its current roster of talented women, and is only
looking for its talent pool to grow during the coming
months, as our women's division moves forward and
continues to take shape. Though we already have plans
to introduce several excellent wrestlers to our fans
during the coming months, we are constantly on the
lookout for new prospects.

It is our goal to continue to import the best
wrestlers available to us from this point forward,
regardless of distance, to give the fans the best
product we can, as well as our performers the best
opponents we can. From hungry young wrestlers looking
to improve, to experienced veterans who would like to
pass along their knowledge to the newer crop of
wrestlers, we seek a diverse and ever-changing roster.

Women who are interested in being part of our team are
encouraged to contact us for further information
concerning our talent evaluation process. Simply send
an introductory E-mail to and we
will be in touch with necessary details.

With many athletically gifted women currently
competing in North America, it's about time that a
promotion dropped all of the ridiculousness of
lingerie matches, booking wrestlers based more on
looks than ability, and placed the emphasis on the
actual wrestling in its women's bouts. IWA Mid-South
wants to give serious, eager woman wrestlers a place
to call home and excel at their craft. We hope the
wrestlers, as well as the fans, enjoy what we have in


Ian Rotten, Chris Hero, and Dave Prazak
Management - IWA Mid-South Wrestling

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Source: IWA Mid-South Wrestling

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