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Penny Banner to Release Autobiography This Month

July 8, 2004 (3:58pm): Female wrestling legend Penny Banner, the first AWA Women's champion who debuted in the mid 1950s, will be releasing her autobiography this month.

Banner's life story, Banner Days, will recounts her life inside and outside of the squared circle, is currently taking orders on her official website of the same name.

Banner began writing the book after the suggestions of several friends including a newspaper editor and Ric Flair's late mother Kay. The book will chronicle dealing with such female legends as Mildred Burke and June Byers, as well as the political situations that came hand in hand with being a female professional wrestler during that time period.

The book's website notes, "Penny will be setting the record straight on many misconceptions and untruths that have circulated about womens wrestling and her own career since her retirement from the ring. From her life as a promising young athlete in St. Louis, Missouri, to her epic battles with the late, great June Byers, Tami Jones and The Fabulous Moolah... to her dates with the one and only King of Rock 'n Roll, Elvis Pressley, Penny Banner's story will enthrall wrestling fans and anyone else with an interest in pop culture. The ladies of the ring were often the main event in the "golden age" of the sport, and Penny Banner was the true "Queen of the Ring" during the height of her amazing career."

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