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CWF Mid-Atlantic 7/31 Results


The following results are from CWF Mid-Atlantic TV Taping action held Saturday, July 31st, at the Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington, NC:

Before action began in the ring, CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Slick Ric Converse came to the ring to interrupt Commissioner William L. Cross. The champion, with the lovely Krissy Vaine, put his claim on the Johnny Weaver Cup, informing the crowd that not only would he win his opening round match, that he would then wrestle his second round-opponent later in the evening! The evening of non-stop action kicked off with none other than 1/2 of the CWF Mid-Atlantic tag team champions, the American Steel Ninja, answering the challenge as Converse's first round opposition. Despite a tremendous outing, the interference of Krissy Vaine would prove to be key, leading to Converse scoring the pin with his "Richter scale" at the 8:26 mark.
Up next, Kid Justice scored a huge upset in a triangle match that also involved "Tremendous" Trent Wylde and Alex Adonis as he pinned Wylde with a flying bodypress in 6:48. Gemini Kid's regularly scheduled "Hot Seat" interview segment was next, but Gemini was nowhere to be found. Instead, the "High Rollers" of Brad Stutts, Xsiris, and the Mid-Atlantic TV champion Mikael Yamaha took over the segment instead, with Stutts wearing the tattered remains of Gemini's suit that had been torn from his body on the previous show. This led directly into what would become a gut-wrenching opening round match in the Johnny Weaver Cup tournament as Xsiris took on the other half of the Mid-Atlantic tag team champions, Brass Munkey. GeeStar joined her Crew-mate at ringside, to counteract any possible interference from her former manager, Brad Stutts. The crippling punishment both men endured in this contest was off the charts, including Xsiris slingshoting himself over the top rope, swanton bombing Munkey who was lying prone on the floor with the resulting impact resulting in a sickening sound that left Xsiris' right leg completely immobile. However, in an amazing show of determination, both men struggled to get back in the ring where Xsiris scored the final pinfall at the 12:45 mark. Both men received ovations from the crowd as they were helped to the back.
The final first round matchup in the Johnny Weaver Cup matched up it's two largest entries as "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel pinned Garry "Madd Trucker" Stevens in 9:56 following a Yakuza kick. The quarterfinals of the Cup then began with Jesse Ortega meeting Brad Attitude as the field began to build towards the "Final Four" for Thomasville on August 28th. In a phenomenal bout, and one many are saying was possibly the best of both men's careers, Ortega rolled through on Attitude's twisting flying bodypress and scored the win in 13:17.
The women continued the night as Amber O'Neal looked to get revenge against the woman that she wrestled her final match against prior to reconstructive knee surgery, "Special K" Krissy Vaine, and the woman that has been trying to send her out of action again, Brandi Wine. Amber's partner for the night was "Bootylicious" Jenny Taylor. Brandi and Krissy scored an upset however as Vaine pinned Amber at the 11:43 mark. Amber was furious following the controversial ending and immediately issued a challenge to Krissy Vaine in a singles match for August 7th.
The final quarterfinal match of the evening had Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight champion "Slick" Ric Converse returning to action, this time against J-Money who had won his opening round match at the previous show. This was actually the first time these two had met in singles action since Money pinned Converse to win the Cruiserweight title nearly a year and a half ago. History would not repeat itself though as Converse scored the pinfall in 10:49 after Brad Attitude interfered and delivered his Verte-Bulldog to Money. However, words were exchanged once again afterwards by Converse and Attitude as Attitude "was there to help Ric, but no one was there to help him" in his tournament match.
The evening concluded with the second title defense by Mid-Atlantic TV champion Mikael Yamaha as he waited for his opponent in the ring and was incensed by the entrance of Rob "the Bull" McBride, who made his way to the ring riding a small electric scooter. The title belt was balanced almost perfectly between the two and as the last ten seconds of the 10 minute time limit match counted down, the challenger had the champion in a pinning predicament. The time limit expired as the referee was making her count, allowing Yamaha to leave the arena with the TV belt around his waist. However, before Yamaha and his entourage could grab the title and run, a mysterious masked man hit the ring and set his sights on Yamaha. Xsiris came to the aid of his partner and both tried to beat down the masked man. The masked man cleared the ring, took the house mic and announced he would face the TV champ for the title, leaving Yamaha, Xsiris & Brad Stutts looking on in disgust.

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