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21 Questions with Crazy Daisy

August 16, 2004 (2:20pm): Get to know Crazy Daisy in my 21 Questions with her. (Warning they are CRAZY)

Posted by chad carter on August 15, 2004, 3:06 pm

Total Chaos or Total Solitude?TOTAL CHAOS!!! long as it's the good kinda chaos!

What is your favorite color? it's a tie, because one isnt the same without the other: pink n' black

Why did you choose the gimmick "Crazy Daisy"?i was kinda thrown into a hillbilyl type character, and daisy was th4e only fitting name. i adapted the crazy a) because it rhymes and b) becaue i i am just some crazy girl that likes to beat people up and make everyone scream!

Shakespeare- boring or awesome? can i just tell you that i read...okay,watched Romeo and Juliet the other day, and i just cried the whole time! so AWESOME!

What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done for you? nothing weird yet. The nicest is the oolest Kid that comes to every EWA show, blew up a picture of me, him, and his cousin, and gave it to me for Christmas.

Couch potato or Work out junkie? Um, i watched the Ab Lounge infomercial the other day, and it seemed like a good idea...and then i got distracted by the piece of popcorn stuck in my tooth.

Where did you train?Green Dragon Warrior Arts/RTF Dojo under Ron Post and Jason "Green Dragon" Pharo, with a LOT of help from RESIN.

Who is your most dedicated fan? Probably myself.

What is your favorite book? The autobiography i write after i do something huge in my life...but for right now, Jane Eyre.

Where would you love to wrestle? (location not promotion) It's an odd one, but Hawaii. Because my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins live there, and unless i hop on TV anytime soon, that's the only time they will ever see me wrestle. Plus Hawaii RULES!

Who would win in a match between you and Joe Rules? Joe might Rule, but Daisy is that's a tough call. Crazy people do crazy things!

What are you ashamed to admit now that you loved a child? I will never be ashamed, but it's kinda embarassing: I went to a Hanson concert when i was 13, and it was DAMN GOOD. Hanson kicks ASS.

What is your favorite website? ..shameless plug, can vote for me there.....=D

How many Yahoo Groups are now dedicated to you? 1, there was two, but then the dude within a day deleted his yahoo account and handed it over to me. I mean, I KNOW how great I am, but i am not going to run my own fan club. that's lame.

Why did you choose to wrestle? Because wrestling kicks ass and so do i!!!

Fill in this song lyric: 'What's the __________, Kenneth'? Frequency....GOD i hate that band!!! I hate REM, STYX, RUSH, and not too much else. F them!

What is your hidden talent? I can actually sing..WELL! I have 4 words for you: South Pacific, Bloody Mary. Can YOU sing Bali H'ai? Didn' think so. Sucker.

Do you have a joke to tell us? (keep it PG-13) *courtesy of the ever cute Princess Rebecca Post* Two peanuts walk into a was assaulted....think about it. SAy it out loud, it's FUNNY! (assaulted=a salted) ROTFLMFAO!!!!

What is your favorite latenight snack? um, that would be everything!...Except lamb. F lamb!

Who is your hero? My mother. Classy, funny, silly, loving. RIP.

If you had $500, a slingshot, a black jack table, a midget and a plastic comb: What would you do? (Be as creative as you want)ok.....go with me on this:
* 1st- I would challenge the midget to a game of blackjack. So we sit down, and play...using the $500. the midget swiftly beats my ass, and now i'm $500 in the hole. So the midget and i decide that we shall play bullsh*t, to win the money back. So the midget again, swiftly beats my ass, becuase i am a terrible liar. I am a giggler, you know....Anyway, frustrated, i pull out my slingshot and pelt the only other thing i have on me at the midget, which was the plastic comb. The ever cocky midget catches the comb, and fixes his hair,which had become unkempt during our frustrating card games. So while the midget is deep into hairstye mode, I pick him up and BAM! powerbomb through the black jack table. While unconcious, I take back my $500 and go shopping, because i need some new shoes.

the end, and thanks very much! stay CRAZY!

Source: Chad Carter

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