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SUMMER HEAT Video Now Available

August 17, 2004 (12:57pm): For more than a decade now, the PGWA has been bringing you the finest
in quality women's professional wrestling. So you know it's something
truly special when numerous fans declare a particular live card the
best PGWA show ever!

And that's just what many, many fans have been saying about "Summer
Heat!" One thing's for sure, it was the largest show yet, featuring
no fewer than 16 women! The lineup is an exciting mix of old PGWA
favorites, veterans who are new to the league, and rookies who are
new to the sport itself. But they all share something in common...the
unquenchable thirst for victory, and to prove themselves in the most
prestigious arena in America, the PGWA's ring!

Co-promoted with the USWO of Nashville, Tennessee, "Summer Heat"
brings you nonstop action, including...

* Camron Star using every dirty trick in the book to try and beat
spunky Jenny Taylor!

* Amber O'Neal valiantly returning to the squared circle following
major knee surgery...and Krissy 'Special K' Vaine insidiously trying
to permanently cripple that knee!

* The latest chapter in the raging Christie Ricci/Persephone
feud...and how Ricci managed to deliver a spanking to her rival not
once, but twice!

* Mexican Luchadora Diana la Cazadora putting her Lucha Libre Femenil
championship on the line against Nikki Roxx, with the young American
giving the greatest effort of her career to topple the champ and win
the belt!

* Bad girls Hailey Hatred and ODB wickedly doubeteaming Angel
Williams and Venus repeatedly, but the heavenly duo heroically
battling back time and again!

* Teenaged wildcats Dixie and Zip waging war in what might very well
be the most extreme brawl in PGWA history!

* Diana la Cazadora again stepping between the ropes, this time to be
met by perhaps the cruelest woman in the entire sport...Tasha Simone!
And with the cunning Goddess Athena in her corner, there's nothing
Tasha won't do to send the Luchadora back home to Mexico on a

The action here is so vivid, you'll swear it's about to jump out of
your TV set and into your lap!

You haven't seen a night of superior women's wrestling until you've
this one! Don't miss out, catch the Heat today!

Summer Heat is one hour thirty minutes in length approximately and
sells for $65. plus $5. postage for priority shipping in the US.
Overseas please add $8 for airmail postage. Order online or send
check, Money Order or registered money to:

Special Events, PO Box 453, Wilkesboro, NC 28697 USA.

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Source: PGWA

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