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Update on Tara Charisma's Video Project

September 4, 2004 (1:59pm): The following was posted by Tara Charisma in her Yahoo! Group:

Heyyyyyy everyone.

This is like my first free moment to do something that isnt work, school, or sleep.

I have been BUSY!! I still have to recap WEW, GWF and CSWF. I dont know when I'll do that =/

Hows everyone been?? Im SO SO busy. I started school. Im taking Biology with lab (in which I have to dissect a preserved fetal pig or I fail completely), Ethics of Philosophy (is hard but interesting), American History and Sociology. Three of my teachers have doctorits (Did I spell that right?) and 3 of my classes are Writing Intensive. So School-- full time--- Work-- Part time (but til late hours some days)-- which means I will be EXHAUSTED 24/7== plus I have to wrestle

This month is also hectic because----- The video is in Editing!! Its gonna be a long process that I have to commit my few hours of availability to overview to editing. But since its in editing that meanss...

Can you believe it!! This year has gone by so fast!! :(

Also.. whos going to the Glory Girl Convention? Im so excited for that!!!

Hopefully I can post more.. Talk to you soon


I miss everyone!!!! :)

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Source: Tara Charisma

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