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Recap and Pictures from "Thundergirls" in Cincinnati

September 11, 2004 (6:33pm): From the G.L.O.R.Y. Message Board:

Recap and Pictures from "Thundergirls" in Cincinnati
Posted by Phhhl on September 11, 2004, 5:58 pm

I was at the Thundergirls show in Evendale last night. I've never written a recap of a live show before, I didn't take notes and I'm going completely from memory... so be nice . I had a great time, and created a Yahoo Group to show my pictures. If you want to use any of them for your sites or whatever, feel free.

Match #1 Jenelle Sinclair vs. Nurse Lulu
Lulu was so tiny, and took a beating through most of the match by
Jenelle. The workrate was slow and would get better by the match.
At one point, Jenelle went to the corner and produced a pair of
brass knuckles, which she forced into the hands of Lulu. Don't you
know it, just then the ref turns and disqualifies Lulu for
cheating. It was a damn shame, and the crowd let the zebra hear
about it. Jenelle smirked and strutted backstage with the win.

Match #2 Miss Natural vs. Kara Kildare
Kara came out to some knee-slapping, honkey tonk tunes. High fives
to everyone in the house! Miss Natural stalked out to the riffs of
Metallica's "Sad but True", adorned in a black satin robe that
would have made Gorgeous George blush. As the match began, a
heckler to the left of the ring shouted some very unkind things at
Miss Natural. Fed up, she launched a big, gobby spit wad in the
guy's general direction, and the house errupted in laughter. There
were more submission holds in this match than the punch-fest of the
first. Miss Natural prevailed, but both ladies left the ring

Match #3 Hellena Heavenly vs. Sumie Sakai
From this match on, things really started to heat up. Both Sumie
and Hellena are excellent. I have to admit, Sumie Sakai is one of
the main reasons I made sure to go, as her legend preceeds her. At
5"1', I doubt she has had many matches in which she isn't
outsized. She took a lot of punishment from the red-head, but got
flourishes of offense as well. The most impressive move of the
match was a Farmer's Roll. Sumie launched a couple of missile drop
kicks from the top rope that left Hellena sufficiently rocked and
disoriented. Sumie followed up with a camel clutch, then nearly
had the match won on a three count when Hellena got her boot on the
ropes (If you have never seen Sumie wrestle, the sounds she makes
during a match seems straight out of Japanese anime). Finally,
Heavenly drilled a devastating suplex and got the three count.

Match #4 Madison vs. AJ Sparx
Sparx got the biggest pop of the night, inspite of her heel
status. She was half the size of Madison, but all of it ego. AJ
got Madison into a figure four leg lock, and nearly had her on the
verge of a tap out. She climbed up to the top rope and drilled a
beautiful hurricanrana. However, Madison scored the pinfall win.
But not everyone in the house was happy about it. Hellena
Heavenly, who had changed her shorts hoping HWA personnel may not
recognize her (she was banned from ringside), came charging from
back stage to kick the snot out of Madison... followed by former
PGWA rookie of the year, the lovely Christie Ricci, who laid some
shots on Hellena. Finally, Ricci grabbed the mic and challenged
Hellena and AJ Sparx to a tag team match against herself and
Madison... which will be our main event...

I got to talk a little bit to Sumie and get a picture taken with
her. It's in the photo gallery. Sumie looked great, but I look
like a stoner. I'm not!

I also got to chat a little with HWA owner Les Thatcher. Les is a
former tag team partner of Penny Banner, who I run a website for.
Some of you might know her . Anyway, Les was really cool, and
he too would like to know if there is any video of him in the ring
floating around. It's a tragedy how much footage has been lost of
the legends.

Match #5
ODB came out for her match with Tracy Brooks. I've never
been "into" girls with that type of physique (in a purely hedonistic
way), but I have to say that she was very impressive. Her pictures
do not do her justice. She made a lap around the ring and paused
right in front of me. I think she saw my camera and held the pose
long enough for me to get a good shot (thankyewvaddymuch). Of
course, you can imagine the calls from the crowd, considering what
her anacronym stands for.

Tracy is announced, and the entire crowd rose to see her. Hey,
she's on TV!!! Tracy Brooks is stuningly beautiful, and I didn't
have to see her in person to know that. I just missed a closeup for
her, but I got a high five. Whoo!!

ODB pretty much treated Tracy like a rag doll. These were obviously
two of the best workers in the house, and the ring threatened to
rock off it's foundations every time the dark beauty slammed into
the canvass. At one point, ODB got Tracy into the corner and
nearly crushed the breath out of her. The chops to chest seemed
especially brutal, and it was not long before ODB rolled
the "celebrity" up for the pin. After slowly picking herself off
the canvass and sliding out of the ring, she took another lap
around the ring and accepted her propers. She's HOT! Even my wife
said so .

Match #6
Christie Ricci and Madison vs. AJ Sparx and Hellena Heavenly
Madison got squashed for the majority of the tag team affair. AJ
Sparx got the privelage of dishing out the majority of the
punishment, with Ricci and Hellena flanking either side ring.
Ricci served the role of head cheerleader, and tried to get into
the fray before her partner got pinned. Sparx was pummeling
Madison's leg and ankle to the point that Madison could not have
stood up if she wanted to, and employed a suffocating head scissors
that made many in the crowd wonder if Madison was about to tap out.
Finally, Madison crawled close enough to Ricci to tag out. Hellena
came in as well, but Ricci was too much. She hit Hellena with a
series of kicks that crumpled her to the floor, then lifted her for
a body slam... three count and there she wrote!!

It was a good show. I don't get much of a chance to see live ladies
wrestling in Cincinnati, so I wasn't going to miss it. Thanks to
the Thunder Girls for coming!!!

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Source: Phhhl

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