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Women's Results from 9/11 Slam All Star Wrestling Event in Vermont

September 13, 2004 (4:49pm): This is from independent wrestling columnist, Lyle Scott

Slam All Star Wrestling presented a fantastic night of wrestling action that featured a Blind Fold match, "Mr USA" Tony Atlas, WWE Hall of Famer, Tito Santana and more women wrestlers than there has ever been in the state of Vermont.

For the first time, wrestling fans were treated to a 5-way Women's Championship match between The Franklin Girls, Lexie Fyfe, Lady Amazon and the defending champion, Alexzandra Heiress.

Lady Amazon made it a point to assure Alexzandra that she would get her. After months of dogging her in S.A.W., Alexzandra was visably worried. The match started off with Tallulah Rae Franklin locking up with Lexie Fyfe. Lexie's smaller stature was a problem, so she resorted to cheating right off the bat. Tallulah would make a
comeback and gain control briefly, only for Lexie to take the control back. As the match went on, Tallulah tagged in her much bigger sister Debbie Sue Franklin. Lexie quickly tagged out to the Women's Champion. Ms. Heiress circled a couple times, only to duck through a lockup attempt and tag Lexie back in.

Lexie was accused of being a "chicken" by the Franlin Girl and the crowd supported this notion. Lexie assured the audience that she was not a chicken and took down Debbie Sue after chopping her down with strikes to the knee. She and Alex traded off on Debbie's leg and knee while Tallulah Rae and Lady Amazon both made attempts to tag in. Eventhough, this was a 5-way, Alex and Lexie definitely acted more as a team. Lexie eliminated Debbie Sue with her feet on the ropes.
Tallulah ran in to regain her family's honor. She got in some good offense on Lexie Fyfe, but would be cut off. As Lexie went for one of her devastating suplexes, Tallulah Rae reversed it into a hangman's style neck breaker and pinned Lexie, eliminating her.

Unfortunately, Tallulah's fascination with the referee caused her to take her mind off the prize as Lady Amazon rushed over and rolled her up for a pin. The Bounty Huntress assured Tallulah that it was just business and she wanted to get a hold of the Denim-Clad Socialite.

Alexzandra, seeing that it was down to her and the 6'0" tall, 15 year veteran, turned high tail to run, but she was caught and dragged in the ring, much to the crowd's delight. Lady Amazon shoved the champion down to the mat, where Alexzandra grabbed her knee, apparently injuring it. The referee backed Lady Amazon off several
times. Finally, she got a hold of Ms. Heiress, but Alexzandra scooped up the legs, stacked on top of the veteran and got the pin, fooling
everyone. Alex rolled out the ring in time for her assistants to help her out of the ring. Lady Amazon, in turn, took out her aggression on the referee and laid him out with 1 punch.

Alexzandra retains her title again by the skin of her teeth. Is this the end for Lady Amazon? Will the Franklins Girls return and take over where their cousin Bubba left off? What of Lexie Fyfe? Some many questions, but there is no question that this match was entertaining and I commend S.A.W. for showcasing this match on such a great card. The next show is scheduled for Saturday October 16th and is entitled
Trick or Treat Turmoil.

Also on this show, Amber managed the team of Jon Thornhill and The "Boy Next Door" Tim Pitman in a losing effort against Tim Kilgore and Doug Summers. Thornhill was pinned after attempting a wheel-barrow suplex on Tim Gilgore which was countered by Doug Summers' finishing maneuver. Despite the loss, Amber was very popular with the crowd, and a great asset to her team, at one point even attempting a flying head-scissors onto Doug Summers and hooking a tornado DDT to Tim Kilgore!

Amber will make her pro wrestling debut on September 24 in Rhode Island for PWF Northeast.

The next Slam All Star Wrestling event will be October 16 at St. Albans City Hall in St. Albans, Vermont: "Trick or Treat Turmoil!"

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Source: Lyle Scott, Alexzandra Heiress's Yahoo! Group

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