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Lady Draven wins XCW IronMan Title

October 3, 2004 (9:14am): From
"Lady Draven defeated Hugh Rogue in a NO DQ match for the XCW IronMan title. This was a brutal encounter that saw Rogue batter Draven and refuse to pin her. Draven fought valiantly only to be continually cheap shotted by the defending IronMan champ after Draven had been dropped FACE FIRST into hundreds of razor sharp BARBS, Scott Phoenix came in and took it to Rogue first giving him a spine buster and then a choke slam onto the barbs. At that point, a "mysterious baldheaded muscleman" came in and HOTBOMBED Phoenix more than halfway across the ring onto the same barbs. During the melee, a bloody Lady Draven made the cover and got the win.

Then both men proceeded to brutalize Draven with running clotheslines into the corner and finally a Doomsday Device onto the Barbs."

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Source: Marc

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