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Former WWF Valet Marianna Komlos Passes Away

October 4, 2004 (4:32pm): The following is from

Former WWF valet Marianna Komlos, who appeared for several months with the company for short stint during 1999-2000, passed away last month after a lengthy battle with breast cancer. Komlos was 35 at the time of her passing.

Kolmos debuted for the company originally as Beaver Cleavage's mother in a series of vignettes that were immediately discarded after several weeks. She then portrayed the character of Chaz' girlfriend Marianna during a storyline where he allegedly beat her, which ended with G-TV revealing she was faking the injuries. Kolmos left the company shortly after the storyline had concluded.

According to a number of bodybuilding websites (which was Kolmos' primary career), Komlos had been ill for well over a year at the time of her death, dealing with breast cancer and several other major medical issues. At one point, Kolmos had defeated the disease but it returned after it had gone into remission. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Marianna Kolmos.

Special thanks to Lee Dellbridge for informing us of Komlos' passing.

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Source: Mike Johnson,

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