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WXW 10/9 Elite 8 Results

October 10, 2004 (8:10am): Alere Little Feather pinned Amber O'Neal.

Krissy Vaine pinned Cindy Rogers.

Allison Danger pinned Simply Luscious.

Mercedes Martinez beat Lacey by submission.

Women's Champion Talia beat Becky Bayless, who refused to strip to bra & panties as stipulated. Talia didn't want the crowd to be disappointed, so she revealed her bra & panties.

Alere pinned Vaine.

Martinez beat Danger by submission.

Heavyweight Champion Mana the Polynesian Warrior defeated Bison Bravado & Paul E. Normous.

Main Event: Alere Little Feather pinned Mercedes Martinez to win the 3rd annual tournament.

WXW also debuted their 2005 Divas calendar (on sale at the arenas for $10) and DVD's of previous year's Elite 8 tournaments (on sale at arenas for $20).

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Source: Eric The Photographer

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