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WXW to Run All-Women's Shows Bimonthly

October 21, 2004 (6:15pm): The WXW Championship Committee has just announced that because of the over whelming response from women wrestlers all over the world, WXW CEO Afa "The Wild Samoan" has decided to add bi-monthly all women WXW events to it's show schedule.

The Yearly WXW Womens Elite tournament is a very successful and special event for WXW because it allows women athletes to be showcased for their athletic ability. However, WXW has to limit the amount of entries for this event.

"Afa feels that by doing a monthly all-women show, it will give these athletes a chance to get more work experience and exposure that they well deserve. The sport has always been geared toward men, and Afa feels that there are so many talented women wrestlers who have not been discovered, and this is one way that he would like to help them out."

The first WXW Women's League show will be held at the WXW Arena in Sciota, PA on December 11th, 2004. WXW has the most respected Women's division in the country and has decided to once again legitimize women's wrestling.

We want to thank the loyal fans of women wrestling for all of the response and support that we receive because without you none of this could be possible. Stay tuned to for all the latest information on the WXW Women's League and other WXW news.

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Source: ETP

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