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New NWA-NJ Women's Champion

October 26, 2004 (2:35pm): The United Wrestling Alliance held an event at Lucky's in Passaic, New Jersey on October 24.

The show began with Robyn Griggs introducing The Big Unit--consisting of Joe Rules, Evil UWA Owner Rick Silver, and Cindy Rogers--and NWA Representative Fred Richards for a special announcement: The UWA is now a member of the oldest sanctioning body in professional wrestling, The National Wrestling Alliance, and will now be known as NWA-NJ!

Later in the show, Rules & Silver accompanied Cindy Rogers as she took on Bobcat and Talia in a three way for the newly created NWA-NJ Women's Title.

It was an exciting back-and-forth match, and in the end, Joe Rules held Talia outside the ring, so Rick Silver could verbally berate her, but she responded by kicking him in the nuts!

As that was going on, the former WWF Hardcore Champion was forced to tap out to Rogers' submission maneuver. Cindy Rogers is the new NWA-NJ Women's Champion!

Bobcat then proceeded to clobber her with the championship belt. Talia had no sympathy for her either.

Silver continued to writhe around on the floor, so Rules entered the ring to check on and congratulate Cindy Rogers. He helped her up and out of the ring. Rogers & Rules didn't see Silver and assumed he had made his way back to the dressing area on his own. As it turned out, he was in so much pain from Talia's devastating groin kick, that he rolled under the ring and actually remained there till after the next match!

So congratulations to UWA on its membership in the National Wrestling Alliance, and BIG congratulations to Cindy Rogers, the new NWA-NJ Women's Champion!

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Source: NWA-NJ

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