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Favorite G.L.O.R.Y.Con Match Poll Results

October 26, 2004 (4:01pm): The Joe Rules Yahoo! Group conducted an informal, unscientific, and unofficial poll: What was your favorite match of G.L.O.R.Y.Con 2004?

And the results are in:

1. Luxurious Lynne vs. NYX - Arm Wrestling (21.88%)

2. Miss DeVille vs. Kayla (15.62%)

3. Hurricane Havana vs. Hollywood (12.50%)

TIE: Synndy vs. Ariel (12.50%)

5. Cindy Rogers vs. Crazy Daisy (9.38%)

6. Stacy Hunter vs. Super J (6.25%)

TIE: Lady Victoria vs. Louise Lockwood (6.25%)

8. Jordyn James & Jana vs. Shayla & Carrie (3.12%)

TIE: Alicia & E.C. Negro vs. Tara Charisma & Ken Scampi (3.12%)

TIE: Little Jeanne vs. Bobcat (3.12%)

TIE: Luscious Lily vs. Alere Little Feather (3.12%)

TIE: Queen of the Ring Battle Royal (3.12%)

13. Lady Vendetta vs. Venus

TIE: Camron Star vs. Sonya Blackhawk

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Source: Joe Rules

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