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Wild Women of Wrestling 12/4 Line Up

December 2, 2004 (2:12pm): W3: Wild Women of Wrestling - Dec 4, 2004

TAG TEAM Diva Killaz vs. The Olsens
Barbie vs. Athena
Synddy vs. Trinity Cambell
Mickie The Quickie vs. Alisa
Kayla vs. Tara Charisma
Miss DeVille vs. Luscious Latasha

(Also featuring Kenny Casanova, Brodie Lee, Buttery Bert Williams, Good Lord Willing, Catwoman & More!)

DEC 4, 2004, 237 State St. - Schenectady, NY - $7
By Erie Blv. Burger King & Trusco. Above American Fitness

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Source: W3

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