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Donations for Kameo

December 25, 2004 (4:26am): Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of updates but it's more of the same. Kameo has been back in and out of the hospital a few times since my last post. Same thing, she'll get a little bit better then something goes wrong and she's back to square 1.

We've set up a PO Box, an email address and a donation account for anyone that wants to help. Please understand that neither she nor her fiancee Sean are able to work during this (doc's orders are that someone is with her at all times).

The donation account is through Wachovia and it has to have a executor of sorts, so I'll give you information on that here. Checks have to go to the executor but you specify the donation fund in the memo or in the "Pay to" line and it must be used for that donation account...stupid red tape.'s the info


Paypal: (it is new so not verified but will be verified in the next 3 days or so...dont want that to scare folk off)

Checks should be made out to Tina Valentin. In the Memo put "Ellie Braddy Donation Fund" or you can make it out to Tina Valentin/Ellie Braddy Donation Fund. Either way. Tina is the executor of the account.

Checks/Christmas Cards/letters/etc can be mailed to: Ellie Braddy P.O. Box 83 Battery Park, VA 23304

To use Paypal, you have to have an account yourself (its free). I could have set it up for credit cards but then they take a % of everything. If you do not want to use Paypal and you do not want to mail a check, you can give at a local Wachovia, but email me at You will need the account #. I would prefer not to go that route unless absolutely necessary for security reasons.

Feel free to email me questions at Thank you.

Source: Devin Sturgis

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