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Former G.L.O.R.Y. Girl Patricia M. Steinman Returns!

December 25, 2004 (4:38am): Patricia M. Steinman and Joe Rules returned to the UWC at the Burlington County College in Pemberton, New Jersey on Dec. 4 for their Annual Toys For Tots Event.

As the show started, Ms. Steinman and Rules made it known that we were the NEW EVIL CO-COMMISSIONERS OF THE UNITED WRESTLING COALITION!

They took responsibility for canceling scheduled New Lisbon events, for the departure of Luxurious Lynne, and for Warhead's jail sentence. They announced that they would have our own stable of wrestlers in the UWC, and introduced the first: RECKLESS YOUTH!

Later that night after the Tag Team Title match, P.M.S. and Joe Rules returned to ringside. After the team of "Textbook" Philly Madison & Max Gaeta retained their championship, The Evil Co-Commissioners asked them to join their stable, and they AGREED!

In their final appearance of the evening, P.M.S. and Joe accompanied Reckless Youth in his match against Damian Adams. The referee was knocked out at the end of the match after Adams had taken a beating from Youth. Adams survived a moonsault and a froggy splash and refused to be put away. Just when he was making his comeback, the ref was crushed in the corner. With no one able to make the count, Adams covered Reckless.

Santa Claus then hit the ring, slid under the bottom rope, and made the 3 count, declaring Adams the winner!!!

Well, Joe Rules certainly wasn't going to allow that! He got on the mic, FIRED Santa, and CANCELED CHRISTMAS!

"That's when that diabolical Santa Claus hit me upside the head with his bag of toys," said Joe Rules, recounting the story. "The brave
Reckless Youth tried to defend my honor by taking a swing, but Jolly Old St. Nick ducked, rolled up Youth in a schoolboy, and the ref counted to three!! The ring announcer announced Santa as the winner!"

Patricia M. Steinman helped Joe Rules and Reckless Youth back to the locker room.

Also on the show, The Orphan won the UWC Championship, Twiggy Ramirez returned, Common Rarity made her surprise managerial debut in the
corner of Section 8, an impressive CHIKARA match took place, and Dave Patera and Johnny Grecco were also in action.

The United Wrestling Coalition returns to Burlington County College on May 1 with an afternoon card as part of the college's annual spring fest.

Evil Co-Commissioners Joe Rules & Patricia M. Steinman will be there!

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Source: Joe Rules

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