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Soul Sister Sabrina Lee appears at Soul Asylum Wrestling

December 25, 2004 (4:53am): Soul Asylum Wrestling held it's first wrestling event at their training school in New Brunswick, New Jersey on Saturday, December 18th, 2004.

In one of the evening's highlights, Joe Rules managed the new team of Mana & Suba, The Dogs of War. Their opponents were none other than The Soul Brothers, Jack & Elvin, now accompanied by their new manager: their "Soul Sister" Sabrina Lee!

The Dogs Of War are a vicious tag team with a style similar to that of the Samoan Swat Team. Joe Rules proclaimed, "The Dogs Of War cannot be stopped!" They even made a small child at ringside cry.

Mana and Suba seemed to have The Soul Brothers number until Joe Rules' attempt to interfere was shot down by Soul Sister Sabrina Lee causing a schoolboy rollup pin, leading to another victory for the legendary Soul Brothers!

Sabrina Lee also managed Corvis Fear to an upset win over the 300+ lbs. Kage.

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Source: Soul Asylum Wrestling

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